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A Discourse on How Technology has Changed the Way You Buy or Claim Car Insurance

Car Insurance

A general shift to digital setup in every sphere of life and services have immensely enhanced the promptness with which different procedures are completed. While speed has been a cursory factor, many other aspects are also influenced by this shift to online functioning.

Amongst the numerous products and services benefiting from technology, insurance policies are also influenced by digitization. This includes car insurance plans as well, one of the mandatory insurance policies in our country.

Before going on to understand the advantage of digital technology in car insurance policies or the advantage of selecting Digit, it is imperative that you understand the different aspects of such policies. Additionally, you must also note the disadvantages of offline policies.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Car Insurance Policies and its Types

There are 2 major types of car insurance policies, of which one is mandatory for every vehicle in India. You must understand the different protections these policies offer.

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third Party Car Insurance is mandatory to drive any vehicle within India. Unlike other insurance policies which protect you or your valuables, this plan covers liabilities to third party individual or properties which might incur damage due to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Under these plans, the insured cars and vehicles are financially protected in case they incur any damage due to an accident.

Understandably, insurance plans come most into effect during emergencies. The offline method of application and especially the claim process had a major disadvantage of being slow.

Both the application and claim processes included agents who physically checked all documents before approving either of the application or claim. In case of claims, it also included an agent coming down to check the exact damage before even initiating the claim procedure.

Shift to the technology-based online application and claim has benefitted the policy buyers with faster application and claim settlements. Now, most applications do not even require any interaction with agents; effectively completing the whole process in just a matter of minutes.

In the case of claims, most insurance providers still send an agent to check the damage inflicted on a vehicle. Usually, this includes the agent taking photographs of the damaged vehicle, which is followed by an insurance company declaring how much cover amount is to be granted.

Interestingly, Digit has streamlined the claim process even more. This has effectively made it the fastest claim process. Additionally, there are a few other advantages that are offered just by Digit Insurance. All of these benefits are discussed in the section below.

  • Online claim: You can complete the whole procedure of claiming online, making it faster as well as simple. Just click the picture of the damage and upload the pictures and your claim is filed.
  • Add-ons: Numerous add-on benefits are offered by Digit, which allows you to protect different aspects of your vehicle like tyres, depreciation over time, breakdown assistance, etc.
  • Doorstep pickups: You can have your car picked from your doorstep and delivered back there with Digit’s pickup service.
  • Cashless garages: You do not even need to handle money while availing garage services with this feature offered by Digit.

With all the above advantages and implementation of technological vantage, you should also check the convenience of the application offered by Digit.

How to Buy/ Renew Car Insurance?

Both buying and renewal procedure for car insurance policies is the same. The steps involved are discussed below.

  1. First, you must fill in vehicle details like a model, variant, make, as well as the city in which you drive your car.
  2. Next, when you press “Get Quote”, you can get all the costs of both “Third-Party Liability” and “Comprehensive” cover.
  3. After choosing the right plan, you must provide the details of any existing insurance plan along with its expiry date.
  4. The final cost is quoted here. If you have selected a comprehensive cover, you can also add additional covers. In that case, a further page pops up after selecting the add-ons which display the IDV and checks if your vehicle runs on CNG.
  5. A final page displays the price of the insurance policy.
  6. Finally, you must clear the fees online to receive the policy details via email. You can select from different methods of online payment.

Now, How to Raise Claims?

The claim procedure is even simpler than that of application or renewal.

  1. You have to call the toll-free number of Digit.
  2. A link will be sent to your cell phone, which will guide you through the process of capturing the damages on your smartphone camera.
  3. Finally, you can choose if you want reimbursement or cashless repair.

Final Thoughts

Evolution, along with technology, has effectively allowed us at Digit to provide you with prompt service in cases of emergencies. While the descriptions are quite detailed here, the pages are also extremely easy, convenient and self-explanatory.

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