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How to Unlock New Characters in Squad Busters?

New characters have landed in squad busters, and everyone’s trying to unlock them.

Unlocking these characters not only spices up your game but also boosts your bragging rights among friends.

These new additions aren’t just regular characters. They’re game-changers.

If you want to add new characters to your lineup, here’s our guide titled “How to Unlock New Characters in Squad Busters?” and start unlocking these awesome characters today.

What are Some New Characters in Squad Busters?

The June 2024 update of Squad Busters has caused quite the excitement among players, presenting a refreshing line-up of new characters that infuse the game with additional tactical dimensions and narrative depth.

Each character comes designed with exclusive abilities, promoting a whole new level of gameplay strategy and engagement within the game’s environment, especially in the freshly introduced ice world zone.

Here’s a list of new characters introduced in the mobile video game Squad Busters –

  • Jesse: As a rare find, Jesse stands out with the unique ability to deploy a turret. This skill not only enhances her role as a frontline damage dealer but also provides strategic defensive benefits to her team.
  • Ice Wizard: Another rare character, the Ice Wizard, dramatically influences battle outcomes with his splash attack and freeze spell. His abilities amplify team efforts by controlling enemy movements and inflicting area damage.
  • Dr T: Originating from Boom Beach, Dr T classifies as an epic addition. His special flair lies in his capacity to spawn critters, adding a layer of complexity to encounters by distracting and damaging adversaries.
  • Hog Rider: A fan favorite from Clash of Clans, the Hog Rider rushes into Squad Busters with his signature charge ability. This skill not only underlines his destructive potential but also echoes his character’s iconic gameplay identity from his origins.

Each character is thoughtfully blended into the Squad Busters universe, promising players new tactical avenues to explore and master. Whether it’s leveraging Jesse’s turrets for added firepower or using the Hog Rider’s charge for breakthrough assaults, the strategic possibilities now seem endless.

How to Unlock New Characters in Squad Busters?

Unlocking new characters in Squad Busters involves a mix of regular gameplay, strategic investment of in-game currency, and a bit of luck. Here’s a list of ways to unlock characters in the game:

  1. Regular Gameplay and Squad Journey Completion: Being consistent in playing Squad Busters and completing various stages of the Squad Journey are fundamental ways to unlock characters. The game rewards dedicated players with opportunities to unlock each character over time, emphasizing the importance of engaging with the game regularly.
  2. Using Gold Currency Wisely: While you might be tempted to use the in-game gold currency to directly purchase characters from the shop, it’s generally advised against. The strategic use of gold for other purposes that can indirectly lead to character unlocks might be a more efficient approach.
  3. Opening Battle Chests: Characters can also be added to your Squad by opening Battle Chests, which you can acquire using coins. The process ties into the game’s reward system, where engaging in battles and achieving victories can decrease competition and, in turn, reward you with Chest Keys. These keys can unlock chests without additional costs.
  4. Chests and Rarity Matching: The characters you unlock from chests correlate with the chest’s rarity. Thus, opening higher rarity chests increases your chances of unlocking rare characters. It’s a game of chance, but focusing on obtaining and opening as many chests as possible can significantly improve your roster over time.

By integrating these methods into your gameplay strategy, you can slowly expand your collection of characters in Squad Busters, including the newest additions to the game.

Is It Too Hard to Unlock New Characters in Squad Busters?

Unlocking new characters in Squad Busters seems to involve a blend of luck, dedication, and strategy. Whether you’re aiming for a character of any particular rarity, the process of unlocking them follows similar steps, but it can depend on luck or player dedication.

With regular play and completion of the game’s Squad Journey, players should be able to unlock every character without spending money, but you should caution against using premium currency to buy characters from the shop and try to streamline the process.

After completing the shared steps, players will have access to the Shop, which is crucial for the character-unlocking process. Moreover, you should stay focused on the Squad Journey and investing in-game currency efficiently to unlock chests that may contain new characters

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