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Ranking Best Squad Busters Characters [2024]

When playing Squad Busters for the 1st time, selecting a character is the most important part of the process.

These characters help you complete missions, earn in-game experience, unlock new and even rare characters.

Here’s a list of my top Squad Busters characters –

1. Hog Rider

Hog Rider is one of the characters in Squad Busters and is a Rare rarity character in the game.

The Hog Rider is not only one of the earliest characters players can unlock, but he also stands out due to his remarkable speed ability, which boosts your squad’s overall performance.

Additionally, he’s recognized for being a strong melee character with impressive damage output after his fusion ability is unlocked

How to Unlock Hog Rider?

From a Chest

You can find the Hog Rider from a chest that offers characters of Rare or higher rarity. As this method involves an element of luck, it might take several attempts depending on the game’s RNG (Random Number Generation).

Buy from the Shop

The more straightforward but costly method is to purchase the Hog Rider directly from the in-game shop. If you haven’t unlocked him, buying his first copy from the Shop will cost about 100,000 gold.

Once he is unlocked, acquiring additional copies for fusion will be cheaper.

2. Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is ranked second among the epic characters in Squad Busters. She’s not in first place because there’s a character considered slightly better. However, understanding her strengths will be key to leveraging her abilities.

How to Unlock and Use Archer Queen in Squad Busters:

  1. Start the Game with Strategic Troops: When beginning a game, consider starting with troops that can benefit from the Archer Queen’s abilities. For instance, pairing her with a long-range unit can make those units attack faster, significantly benefiting from her presence.
  2. Aim for a Tank and Archer Queen Combo: The ideal strategy involves obtaining a tank as part of your squad and then adding the Archer Queen. Tanks have high damage output but attack slowly. With the Archer Queen, tanks can attack more quickly, enhancing both their DPS and the Archer Queen’s effectiveness.
  3. Collect Troops Wisely: Focus on gathering troops that will synergize well with the Archer Queen’s abilities as you navigate the game. Long-range troops or those that can utilize the boost in attack speed are particularly advantageous.
  4. Use Strategic Points on Maps: Use the Archer Queen’s power to dominate strategic locations, especially in modes where positioning can turn the tide of battle. Her ability to boost attack speeds makes your troops formidable when holding or taking key points.
  5. Be Patient for Epic Chests: When playing modes like ring grab, you should wait until there’s a minute left in the game when all chests turn epic. This is an ideal time to find the Archer Queen without spending advanced resources.
  6. Optimize Your Queen’s Abilities: Alongside her direct benefits, the Archer Queen also comes equipped with an X-Bow, which can be a game-changer. Deploying the X-Bow wisely can secure victories, especially when holding down an area or focusing on a specific target.
  7. Synergize with Other Units: The Archer Queen enhances units like Shelly, making them even more effective with faster attack rates. Investigate which units in your collection work best with her for more strategic depth.

3. Tank

Tank is a Rare character in Squad Busters, which players can unlock in the Beach World. She is known for having moderate health and low damage, and her method of attack is from range by shooting a single projectile.

An interesting aspect of Tank’s gameplay is her “Baby” ability, allowing her to ride a tank found in maps that boasts high health and damage, also attacking from range with a single projectile. Moreover, her “Classic” ability has the power to occasionally overdrive her tank, enhancing its capabilities

How to Unlock Tank in Squad Busters?

  1. Enter the Beach World in the game. Tank is a character that can only be unlocked in this specific world.
  2. Aim to win or secure a top 5 finish in your games. Your performance in the Beach World plays a crucial role in unlocking Tank, as it determines your chances of receiving a character chest.
  3. Open the character chest obtained from your games. After achieving a favorable placement in the Beach World, you will be awarded a chest. Opening this chest gives you a chance to unlock Tank among other characters. The outcome is partly based on luck since the content of the chest is random.

By following these steps and with a bit of persistence and good fortune, you can add Tank to your roster of characters in Squad Busters.

4. Witch

Witch is an Epic character in the Squad Busters game who can be unlocked in the Green World. She possesses low health but can inflict high damage. Witch attacks her enemies from a range by launching a single projectile.

Her unique “Baby” ability allows her to summon two skeletons every 7 seconds that actively seek and attack the nearest enemies. An upgrade to the “Classic” ability increases the count of summoned skeletons to three. Witch originally featured in the games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

How to Unlock Witch in Squad Busters?

To unlock the Witch character in Squad Busters, you should focus on leveling up your Squad Journey and Gem Pass, as these progression systems include free units such as the Witch.

Additionally, the Witch is an Epic character that can be unlocked in the Green World. She has a special ability that allows her to summon skeletons to attack the nearest enemy.

Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Play through the Squad Journey and progress through the levels to earn rewards.
  2. Keep an eye on the Gem Pass rewards to see if the Witch is included as a free unit.
  3. Play the game regularly to make sure you are progressing through these systems and getting closer to unlocking characters such as the Witch.

5. Penny

Penny is a Rare character in Squad Busters who can be unlocked in the Beach World. She is characterized by low health and high damage, originally modeled after Penny from Brawl Stars but using her old model before her redesign in 2022.

In Squad Busters, Penny possesses 1100 HP and 230 Attack. You can enhance her through fusion to 3850 HP and 471 Attack.

She has unique abilities, including finding hidden treasure, the chance to discover keys within the treasure, and ensuring that the treasure contains hearts.

How to Unlock Penny in Squad Busters

To unlock Penny in Squad Busters, you can follow these steps:

  1. Play in the Beach World, as this is the world where Penny can be unlocked.
  2. Compete in games and aim to win or place in the top 5 to increase your chances of obtaining a character chest.
    3, Open the chests you earn from your games and hope for a bit of luck, as unlocking characters like Penny can be a random occurrence from these chests
  3. Persist with regular play and opening chests, as a dedication to the game is a key factor in unlocking all characters including Penny.

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