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5 Best Apex Legends Characters to Pick [2021]

Best Apex Legends Characters

It was on February 4, 2019, when Electronic Arts released this free-to-play battle royale hero shooter game as a direct competition to Fortnite (by epic games) & PUBG (by Tencent).

Presently, Apex Legends video game is in its 11th season titled ‘Escape’.

With the launch of every season, the game removes some characters & introduces some new characters.

That’s why it gets really hard to keep track of some best Apex Legends Characters.

Now, with the launch of Apex Legends Season 11 on November 2, 2021, a diverse roster of characters is available for you.

I know you can’t wait to check them out. However, before you do that, I would recommend you to see 5 of my favorite Apex Legends Characters in this post:

Best Apex Legends Characters

Apex Legends Season 11 has a total of 19 characters.

And to my surprise, each one of them is well-balanced. That’s why I was having a hard time finalizing the apex legends character I like. Still, I did my best & here are my favorite characters:


If you ask me, the bloodhound is the most powerful Legend in Apex Legends. Although other Alex Legends characters aren’t capable of causing damage, their tracking skills are exceptional.

Remember, before you start playing this game, without bloodhound, you would always be at a disadvantage.

With the release of Season 9, one of the most significant modifications to a Legend was Hound’s Power Cooldown Reduction buff. Despite being at the top of the pile, they have remained well balanced. When it comes to team building and detecting foes, they are just as powerful now as they’ve ever been.

The ‘Sniffer’ radar system from the Police is a classic. Of course, it’s not as accurate, but it’s still great for identifying individuals and tracking their movements. The only disadvantage of the Sniffer is that people will know you’ve been scannable, so they’ll be aware of your presence – but the edge stays with you.


First introduced in Apex Legends Season 9, Valkyrie is a high-flying Legend who completely resembles Pharah from Overwatch.

Have you played as Pharah in Overwatch?

If you haven’t played the overwatch video game altogether, similar to its best character Pharah, Valkyrie has the ability to rain fire down on her foes from above.

But in reality, Valkyrie’s powers are inspired by her father’s titan, Northstar.

Her Ultimate Ability is Skyward Dive, which allows you and your teammates to soar to the sky before returning. As you are flying, notice how your allies are highlighted for you.

Valkyrie’s biggest strength is her mobility and versatility, which she benefits from through the use of jetpacks. Jetpacks allow Valkyrie to reach nearly any location on the map in a matter of seconds, and they also give her the high ground immediately. However, because they are quite noisy, one of their primary drawbacks, this ability has limitations.

Valkyrie is comfortably an S-Tier Legend, whether you’re playing solo or as a tactical trio. With the ability to instantly rotate with your entire team and to gain the high ground in any scenario, Valkyrie is effortlessly an S-Tier Legend, whether you’re playing solo or in a tactical trio.


Lifeline had a major rework with Season 9. The revive shield, which protects your teammates, replaces with the ability to your remaining squadmates and resumes the ongoing fight with your opponents.

In the Apex Legends Season 11 update, the lifeline’s care package has gone through major updates.

Now, with this upgrade, its overall ability has improved to guarantee kit upgrades.

Overall, I believe this is a slight nerf to Lifeline’s skillset, everything about her makes her more enjoyable to play with and against. If you need help understanding this Legend, go ahead and ask any questions in the comments section given below.


Mirage is the most difficult Apex Legends character to beat.

Do you know WHY?

It’s because his decoys have never been more convincing. For example, Tactical has a short-cooldown decoy that mimics his moves precisely, and if an enemy fires at the decoy rather than Mirage himself, his team can see where they’re located.

His Ultimate sends decoys in all directions, mirroring his movements and confusing a team in close quarters, allowing him to flee from a nearly unavoidable scenario. Overall, he’s still far from being the most potent Legend once you reach a certain skill level, but one of the more challenging to put down.


A single squad member with a Lifeline is like having someone with you as a lifesaver with supporting skills. Unfortunately, her shield was taken away in Season 9, exposing teammates while the Drone revives them.

But, Lifeline can still revive two players at once while she continues fighting. Also, her Drone now heals faster, at 8HP per second.

Lifeline’s Ultimate was also massively improved in Season 9, as it now guarantees to drop an upgrade to your gear. Having the chance to capture a Legendary or Epic piece of equipment can be the deciding factor in many Apex matches, and Lifeline is still one of the best characters to have on your team.

Best Apex Legends Characters for Beginners

Some of the greatest Apex Legends characters are not especially simple to play as it takes a competent player to make the most of Wraith’s abilities. The same may be said about Seer, Gibraltar, Rampart, and Bangalore.

Bloodhound, Lifeline, Loba, Octane, and Ash are the characters I believe are ideal for new players. Each of these heroes has skills that enable you to assist your team while also keeping yourself safe, and though there are several secrets buried in each skill set (as with all Legends), a newcomer will be able to learn it faster than your expectations.

Also, as a beginner, it can be a bit hard for a beginner to get hang of this game. So, do check out some special Apex Legends tips & tricks I had posted earlier.


From an Apex Legends beginner to apex legends expert player, this post has got recommendations for both categories of players.

Now, based on your preference, which apex legends characters would you like to pick?

Do share your list with us in the comments section given below.

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