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Efi Oladele is working on the next hero of ‘Overwatch’

Blizzard does not stop to give small clues and to increase the hype that we have with respect to a new hero. According to the statements of Jeff Kaplan in the forums of ‘Overwatch’, it is very related to Efi Oladele, the small inventor to which Blizzard already introduced us in a short interview.

In this interview, Efi explained that he would like to build something that can keep them safe, like the new Numbani robots. All this led players to speculate that the next character might be a robot created by Efi.

These theories could be confirmed thanks to a new publication of ‘Overwatch’ on Twitter, where Efi shows a list of components to possibly build a new robot.

In a new image published in the official account of Overwatch on Twitter we can see the list of objects that Efi Oladele needs to get down to work, presumably to build that hero number 24, Anchora, which we all hope for.

At the moment, we do not have more details, but since recently we could see changes related to the incident in Numbani inside the public test server, it is possible that we are very close to receive how little a short where we are shown that Happened in Numbani.

The public test server is now closed, so these changes are quite close, as well as the fourth season of its competitive mode and the weekly maintenance of

Taking a quick look at the objects that are annotated Efi, the truth is that there are not many doubts left to clear. What began as a simple speculation with the fictional interview to the girl and the many theories that have arisen about it, has already become a reality. Efi is building a robot, which will be that hero number 24.

The OR-15 chassis is used by robots destroyed in Numbani after an attack, while the Tolbelstein mini-reactor would be a reduced version of the one that Zarya uses in its weapon. On the other hand, in the image we see a drawing of the helmet that would carry the robot, an unknown prototype, a wrench with the numbers 5-19 – May 19?, and what looks like a RAM unit with the name “Axiom” written on it. Precisely, that component with the word “Axiom” takes us to the theory that is making half fandom of Overwatch crazy.

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