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Spending Gold Like a Pro in Squad Busters [2024]

Spending Gold Like a Pro

Are you just starting with playing the Squad Busters video game? And do you’ve no about earning maximum gold coins, or using them?

This post is for you as I’ve laid out a complete plan to help you spend your hard-earned gold coins in Squad Busters effectively.

Steps to Using Gold in Squad Busters

Here are the steps to using gold in Squad Busters for different types of players:

Steps to Using Gold in Squad Busters:

For Light Spenders/Non-Spenders

  1. Free Characters: Start by claiming the free characters available in the shop.
  2. Chest Refills: Use your gold to purchase chest refills, particularly the offer of 6,000 gold for three chest tokens.
  3. Avoid Unnecessary Spending: Be cautious to not spend gold on other items in the shop as they may not provide enough value for your investment.

For Pass Buyers

  1. Gem Pass Benefits: If you buy the gem pass, you’ll acquire additional gold (around 100,000 to 150,000 gold), which can be quite beneficial.
  2. Spend on Chest Tickets: Invest most of your gold in chest tickets, especially if you play multiple games a day.
  3. Selective Character Upgrades: Choose one favorite character to upgrade when it appears in the shop. Ignore other items apart from chest tickets and your chosen character.

For Occasional Offer Buyers

  1. Focus on Chest Tickets: Prioritize spending gold on chest tickets to advance in the game.
  2. Selective Character Upgrades: Pick one or two characters that you want to level up and spend your gold on them when they’re available in the shop.
  3. Avoid Complete Shop Buys: I do not recommend purchasing every item in the shop. Focusing on a few priorities will ensure you get the most out of your gold.

For Heavy Spenders/Whales

  1. Value Purchases: Look for maximum-value deals in the shop and capitalize on them.
  2. Character Upgrades: Feel free to invest in upgrading multiple characters, acquiring new units, and refreshing the shop.
  3. Refresh Strategy: While refreshing the deals in the shop, try to make your gold last by being selective and not refreshing excessively.

How to Spend Gold in Squad Busters (Beginner Only)?

When starting Squad Busters, managing your gold efficiently can significantly impact your early progression. Below are some key strategies that are beginner-friendly:

Chest Tickets for Better Rewards

Prioritize spending gold on chest tickets, as this offers the most value compared to all other in-game items. Chests provide various characters and essential resources for game progression.

Smart Use of Gold During Win Streaks

Consider using gold to continue a winning streak if you’re close to reaching a new threshold, especially before hitting the 10-win mark where the cost to continue increases.

Bulk Purchases for Specific Goals

Occasionally, you might find it useful to buy units in bulk when you’re near unlocking a particular ability or character.

This should be a calculated move based on your current progress and needs.

Savvy Shopping During Chest Cycles

Be aware that a cycle in chest availability ensures an epic chest after a certain number of purchases.

Aim to spend gold when it gives you the maximum chance of receiving higher-quality chests.

Avoiding Low-Value Items

It’s generally recommended to avoid spending gold on mega chests or directly purchasing troops as these tend to offer less value.

Epics vs. Chests

There’s an ongoing debate about whether it’s better to save up gold to upgrade epic characters directly or to continue buying chests.

While upgrading epics ensures immediate improvement to those characters, chests offer a broader range of upgrades and a guaranteed number of epics over time.

As a beginner in Squad Busters, following these gold spending strategies should help you maximize your in-game growth and experience without wasting this valuable resource.

How to Earn Maximum Gold in Squad Busters?

Here’s how you can earn maximum gold in Squad Busters – 

  1. Complete the Squad Journey: Progressing through the Squad Journey rewards you with gold coins, along with other epic items like chest tickets, plaza upgrades, new characters, battle items, and fun emote packs.

  2. Take on Quest Challenges: Each challenge you complete can grant you up to 300 coins. If you don’t like a certain challenge, you can refresh it to get a new one.

  3. Participate in Events: Events are the easiest way to earn rewards in Squad Busters. You can earn gold coins and other rewards by participating in draft events, challenges, or tournaments.

  4. Claim Free Rewards: Keep an eye out for free rewards, such as the 5,000 gold coins offered through the QR code or link provided by the official Squad Busters Twitter account.

  5. Consider the Gem Pass: The Gem Pass rewards you with gold coins as you progress through the season, along with other rewards like chest doublers, epic chests, chest keys, and El Tigre mega units.

  6. Purchase Gold Directly (Optional): If you’re willing to spend real money, you can buy gold directly from the in-game shop. However, this should be your last resort after exploring the other methods.

Now that you know the plan, what’s stopping you from earning maximum Gold in Squad Busters and spending it strategically?

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