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Earn Osrs Gold with Leveling Skills [2021]

Osrs Gold

There are a wealth of skills for you to work within Old School Runescape. Some are good for helping you get more OSRS gold; others are more focused on helping you obtain other forms of skillsets that can help you progress through certain aspects of the game.

If you want to know what skills you should be focusing on so that you don’t have to worry about buying OSRS gold or coping with the more difficult parts of the game, then here are some skills you should put your time into.


Having high Mining skills gives you the chance to gain metal ores and gems when mining rocks. These can then be used with the Smithing skill and being used to sell for OSRS gold.

Be it Minecraft or Old School RuneScape, it is one of the most popular skills for you to level, and you could especially look into mining Runite Ore.

You will need a Dragon Pickaxe and have reached level 85 in Mining, which can grant you a lot of profit over the Grand Exchange.

By mining Runite Ore, you can grab around 700k per hour. This does depend on the prices at the GE at the time, and you should focus on making sure that you check how profitable they are beforehand.


It is not the most honorable of skills, but it is definitely worth it from a profit point of view. You can pick locks, disarm traps, steal coins, plus other items, and net a decent profit once you get to higher success levels with Thieving.

How much OSRS gold you make does depend on several factors. Mainly, your equipment and skill level when pickpocketing master farmers.

With that in mind, try and get your Thieving skill up to 50 before attempting this method, which will get you around 300K per hour.


We mentioned Smithing earlier in collaboration with the Mining skill. Smithing allows you to process Ore into Bars so that several metal items are at your disposal.

Smelting higher level Ores is where your profit will mainly come from, so you should take the likes of Runite Ore to the blast furnace when you can.

You will need to be at level 85 Smithing for Smelting to work, and having high agility with stamina potions will make this a very effective and profitable method.

From Smelting Mithril, you could earn 400K per hour, and Adamantite Bars or Steel Bars will get over 600K per hour.


This skill revolves around catching particular monsters and animals in OSRS to gain a profit from the traps you lay. The amount of gold that you earn depends on how lucky you get from Hunting Implings.

If you manage to get lucky, you can expect to make up to 800K per hour. Meanwhile, on a pretty average day, you are looking at more like 600K per hour.

If you want to find a number somewhere in between, then try hunting Black Chins. This will see you earning around 700K per hour once you have gotten the traps in the right places.


If you want to focus on creating your own Runes, then Runecrafting is the way to go. This will help you get what you need for Magic Spells, though leveling it up can be time-consuming since the reward of experience is pretty low.

Even so, putting some time and effort into it means that you can make a lot of profit from making Runes.

Again, as with any other skills that you come across, you will find that the higher the level is for your skill, the more profit you can expect to make.

On the subject of Runecrafting, the Grand Exchange prices will depend on how much you will make and how quickly you can relocate. You can makeover 100K per hour in OSRS gold with certain runes.

For example, you can make Nature Runes for a profit, such as when you hit level 91 or Law Runes at level 95.


These are all great skills that you can look into without finding someone who is selling OSRS gold. There are some very profitable skills to look at throughout the game, some of which work better than others.

It just really depends on how much time you are willing to put into training your skills and which skill you adapt to so that you can spend time grinding it without becoming burnt out. Whichever you decide, you will be a rich character indeed if you do decide to invest your time in these skills.

Have you tried out these OSRS moneymaking skills? Let us know in the comments section below!

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