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Magic Rampage Hack And Cheats | Mod APK Download

Games need not be high graphics to entertain people. Back in those days, there were only 2d games which ruled the industry like a boss. It’s about the content, gameplay, and quality of the game that attracts people towards it. Magic Rampage game is the best example. The game is 2d and simple graphics yet people love this game for its content. As a player, you will face many enemies through dungeons with the ultimate aim to kill the boss. Lot of weapons, armor and special powers are available. Read till the end of the article to know more about Magic Rampage Hack.

Magic Rampage:

Magic Rampage is an action platformer game and comes under RPG genre. You have to go through the castle, kill the enemies, and collect loot, weapons. Completing the levels will make the game tougher to play with tough designs of obstacles and enemy positions. For every 10 levels, you have to fight with the boss of the castle.

As you go pass the levels of dungeons, more levels will unlock. The loot is nothing but the currency of game which is gold. You collect gold throughout the game and are used in buying items from the shop. You can buy new weapons, upgrade, armor, abilities and much more.

The powerful your weapons are, it’s easier to kill enemies and reach to the destination. The special abilities include powerful armor that protects you without being damaged by enemies, ability to jump higher, fast movements and much more.

As you play through the dungeon, you have to collect gold, find and complete secret areas. These all will add up to your currency collection. Earned Gold (game currency) can be spent in the shop.

Survival mode, friendly battles, and competitive mode are several types of options available to play whenever you want to take the break from playing the levels.

Magic Rampage Hack and Cheats:

There are many advanced weapons and armor available in the shop as said above. They need gold to get unlocked. The gold can be obtained by playing the game or buy them from in-app purchases. Another way is to install magic rampage mod game. Players will get many advantages by installing this magic rampage mod apk like getting a lot of gold in-game. The currency can be used to unlock powerful weapons, abilities, and armor.

Download And Install Magic Rampage Mod Apk:

Downloading and installation process is quite simple.

  • You download the magic rampage mod apk.
  • After that download the obb file as single zip from this link.
  • Install the apk file on to your smartphone or tablet.
  • By default, you will receive obb file in zip format.
  • Extract it and copy the folder to OBB folder located in the file manager.

Open your file manager, click on Android and then OBB. Now you can paste the obb folder that you download from our download links.

Open the magic rampage hack and you will see lakhs of gold right on the game’s home screen. The process is simple and effective to get unlimited gold and much more features.

Note: Sell the iron dagger to get the huge amount of money.

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Bored of playing high graphics games? You can play magic rampage which takes you back in time as the graphics are pretty classy. You can feel the action while playing the game. Install the magic rampage hack mod apk and enjoy the easy winning in levels. Well, any query regarding magic rampage then comment below and also share your experiences if you have ever used it or currently using it.

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