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Mafia City Reviews And Its Latest Features

Mafia City is a strategy game with the underworld theme. There will be a lot of upgrades available in front of you and your strategy decides the flow of the game. Mafia City is a free game with in-app purchases for players who want to progress faster in game. This game is suggested to be played by adults only as it replicates most of the mafia-like you as a player have to deal with drugs, girls kills and so on.

Mafia City Features

Mafia City allows you to play and connect worldwide

The Mafia City is the game, that allows syncing with your friends, from all over the world. You can invite and share the game with your friends. Playing together is more fun.

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Mafia City has 3D HD Unity game engine which is the ultimate gaming screen

The screening features of the game are Zooming feature that is capable of 360 degrees multi-angle rotation with the high-end graphic picture. The screen is capable of providing a near real virtual reality.

Live strategy Rallying

Form your squad and crush the enemies. The Mafia city allows you to build trust with your players.

The Mafia City has trustworthy and reliable worldwide server for translation

The game has reliable and only one of its kind server. The worldwide server is with the professional translation system. The ultimate feature of the server, that makes it stand out is it is capable of translating all the language to one. Cool! Is it?

The loyalty is the factor of the game which keeps the game going

With your gang and brothers, you can conquer easily. Unity and loyalty is the factor of the game that really matters. The background and situation could be dealt with these factors.

Mafia city Weapons and the players’ mastery over them

✔ Brawlers -Even weapons fall short for them. New Challenges and conflicts is their cup of tea.
✔ Shooters – Capable an strong enough of wielding all kinds of arms, right from submachine guns to the artillery.
✔ Bikers – Can do a hell lot many things than one imagine.
✔ Vehicles are highly modified and customizable.

Mafia City Reviews

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Tony Daves says “New review. Started playing again. My only gripe is the RSS shipping to other clan mates shud be higher and the amount of RSS for buildings is too high takes weeks without spending real money to progress.. Other than that it’s pretty addictive. Another point that when I speak to gm in chat and report abusive and fascist behaviour absolutely nothing gets done this needs sorted ASAP AS its very volatile in some cities.”

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Brad Bourne reviewed the game, by saying ” I love the gameplay on this, but it follows the same old style of game. I really wish that this company would make a new very insightful and inspiring style of game this has a great storyline but unfortunately, it’s just the same as all the other stuff on the market”

Rachel Ray says about the game that, “This game lags too much that I have to re-exit and re-enter multiple times, especially whenever I wanted to go back to my mansion from the city view. The cloud loading page is stuck and won’t load..”


The Mafia City is overall a game of fun and engagement. The game is 3D and has full HD quality screening. The engagement and the experience of the players are thus unbeatable. Do drop a comment below, to share your mafia city reviews. Also, feel free to share some handy tips and tricks related to the game.


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