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Elden Ring DLC Spells/Incantations That Make ‘Zero’ Sense

When playing Elden King’s latest DLC, “Shadow of the Erdtree,” you’ll find 28 new incantations and 14  new sorceries.

Honestly speaking, there are some spells and incantations that don’t quite fit.

From spells that make you weaker instead of stronger to others that hardly ever come in handy, these additions had us puzzled.

Questioning, if there’s more to these spells or if they’re just not that useful.

28 Elden Ring Incantations

There are 28 Incantations in the Elden Ring DLC. Here’s a list of them with their location –

  1. Pest Thread Spears – The Pest Thread Spears Incantation is located behind the stars that lead to the Church of the Bud, the Main Entrance Site of Grace in the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree.
  2. Golden Arcs
  3. Giant Golden Arc
  4. Multi-Layered Ring of Light: The Multilayered Ring of Light Incantation can be obtained by defeating the Leonine Misbegotten Spirit on the way to the Fissure Depths Site of Grace in the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. This location is accessed via the south outcrop of the Cerulean Coast.
  5. Bal’s Flame Lightning
  6. Bal’s Tyranny
  7. Mesm Orb: You can find it in the Ruins of Unte, where you will encounter a large fire Golem blocking access to the ruins. You will need to defeat this Golem to gain access to the Mesm Orb.
  8. Ghostflame Breath
  9. Aspect of The Crucible Thorns
  10. Land of Shadow
  11. Heal from Afar: Heal from Afar is located in the path that leads from Scadu Altus to Rauh Base. The location and the entrance to the cave that leads to Rauh Base is marked on the map below. To enter the path, first head to the area northeast of Moorth Ruins. You will find a small cave where you can pick up the Heal from Afar incantation in front of a small golden tree in the middle of the cave.
  12. Light of Micha
  13. Divine Beast Tornado
  14. Wrath From Afar
  15. Knight’s Lightning Spear: The Knight’s Lightning Spear is located in the Scorpion River Catacombs, behind a death eye trap guarded by two enemies.
  16. Furious Blade of AN’s Batch
  17. Dragon Bolt of Florx
  18. Rotten Butterflies: The Rotten Butterflies Incantation is obtained by defeating Romina, Saint of the Bud, in the Church of the Bud. To reach the Church of the Bud, you need to head to the area northeast of Moorth Ruins. You will find a small cave where you can pick up the Rotten Butterflies in front of a small golden tree in the middle of the cave.
  19. Minor Ur Tree
  20. Roar of Rugalea
  21. Fire Serpent: You can find it near the Storehouse, Back Section Site of Grace. You can reach this site via an elevator in the Church District area northeast of the Church District Highroad.
  22. Spiro
  23. Divine Bird Feathers
  24. Midra, Flame of Frenzy: He can be found and defeated in Midra’s Manse, located in the Abyssal Woods. To reach the Abyssal Woods, you need to find a secret exit in the Shadow Keep and go through the Darklight Catacomb in the south.
  25. Watchful Sprit
  26. ElectroCharge: It can be found in the Fog Rift Catacombs
  27. Aspect’s of The Crucible Bloom
  28. Rain of Fire: The Rain of Fire Incantation can be obtained after defeating Salza, Sage of the Fire Knights on the bridge leading to Rauh Ruins in the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree.

14 Elden Ring DLC Sorceries

Here’s a list of spells in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree –

  1. Mantle of Thorns
  2. Miriam’s Vanishing
  3. Ranni’s Twin Moons
  4. Cherishing Fingers
  5. Mass of Putrescence
  6. Glintstone Nail
  7. Vortex of Putrescence
  8. Rings of Spectral Light
  9. Glintstone Nails
  10. Gravitational Missile
  11. Glintblade Phalanx (Trier)
  12. Fleeting Microcosm
  13. Blades of Stone
  14. Impenetrable Thorns

Elden Ring DLC Spells/Incantations That Makes No Sense

Getting into the new Elden Ring DLC, I’ve got to say that some of the new spells and incantations leave me puzzled. There are a few that just don’t add up with what we’re used to in the game.

Midras’ Flame of Frenzy

By the name, you’d think it’d give you an edge in battle, but instead, it backfires, making you more vulnerable to frenzy than the enemies you’re supposed to be fighting. It’s sort of like setting yourself up for failure before even starting the fight.

Cherishing Fingers

Cherishing Fingers has such a slow cast time that you feel it’s ages before it comes to fruition. And don’t get me started on Mantle of Thorns; whereas you’d hope it might at least cause bleed on hit, it ends up being a disappointing spell you’d likely just scroll past in your incantation list.

Vortex of Putrescence

Let’s just say you would only use it under such specific circumstances that it’s virtually collecting dust in your grimoire. If only it had broader applications, it might not feel like such a wasted opportunity.

Spells like Electrocharge and Rain of Fire

You’d think Electrocharge and Rain of Fire would at least be powerful, but instead, the damage output feels like you’re tickling your foes, leaving you to wonder if the casting was for nothing at all. I can’t help but wonder why FromSoftware would add spells that have such little impact.

Roar of Rugalea

The roar of Rugalea is another spell that’s as confusing as it is ambiguous. Without a clear indication of its purpose or proper usage, it’s almost like a puzzle within the larger puzzle of this Elden Ring DLC.

When you stack these new spells up against the older ones, or even some of the weapon arts we rely on, something is missing. New spells should excite us, offer new strategies, or improve our existing tactics, but these just aren’t hitting the mark.

But hey, who knows?

Maybe we’re missing something, or perhaps there’s a hidden trick to make these spells/incantations work. Or maybe we’ll get an update that buffs them up.

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