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Trick to Get Rid of Minecraft Curse of Vanishing (100% Working)

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

When playing Minecraft there is a lot of fun things that you can do in the game.

Things like:

Creating Underwater Base.

Finding & Using Minecraft Buried Treasure.

However, despite all this, the game includes two curses that you should avoid in every possible scenario.

The two curses are:

✅Curse of Vanishing and

✅Curse of Binding

Both the curses are rare enchantments.

The first one is used on Armor to prevent it from getting removed from players and the second enchantment is used on weapons and armor to disappear everything that is there in your inventory.

In short, whenever you have got the curse of Vanishing in your inventory then whenever you die, it removes every item you have in your Inventory

It was okay if the items were dropped from the inventory, but a complete vanish makes it nearly impossible to get the items back.

So, this means, just one unfortunate encounter can lead to a disheartening moment for you, as you will lose all the diamond armors or any other tools that you have in the inventory.

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing
Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

When was Minecraft Curse of Vanishing was Introduced?

I have been playing Minecraft for so long.

There was not a single way to worry about the games.

But way before the Minecarft Nether Update, came the exploration update 1.11.

For the first time, this update brought back an enchantment that used to have a negative impact on the game.

Now, with this update going live players can get fantastic loot in some part of Minecraft, but only to find them to be enchanted by the curse of vanishing.

How can you get the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

How hard you try you will never find the Minecraft curse of Vanishing in an enchanting table?

Do you know why?

Well because it’s a treasure enchantment that can only be found in fishing drops or chest loots. But if you play Minecraft Java edition then it’s highly probable that you would get the negative enchantment Village traded items.

So every time you find a hidden treasure, you won’t find them as reliable as you want them to be.

Because in the end, it’s highly likely that you will lose all your item after your players’ unfortunate death.

And no way in the hell you would want that.

Or would you?

Still, it would be okay if you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

But as I said above, in case you play Minecraft Java Edition, then you can get Curse of Vanishing from the Village traded items.

That is even more likely than getting the Minecraft Curse of Vanishing in the form of fishing drops and chest loot.

Levels of Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

In the game of Minecraft, there are a lot of enchantments that come on different levels.

However, this is generally true for positive enchantment but when it comes to negative enchantments like the curse of Vanishing, it is available only at level ONE.

Still, at the 1st level, it can have devastating effects on the player and his inventory.

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing vs Curse of Binding

As I said above there are two negative enchantments in the game. Out of Minecraft Curse of Vanishing and curse of binding, the former one is the most devastating negative enchantment.

The main effect of the curse of binding is that it binds a piece of armor with the player.

On the other hand Minecraft Curse of Vanishing disappears all the items that you have in your inventory right away.


This clearly shows how fatal the Minecraft Curse of Vanishing can be right after you die.

How can you Remove the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

Well, if you are playing Survival Minecraft, then there is no possible way that you can use it to remove Minecraft Curse of Vanishing from your inventory.

If you are thinking of doing this with the help of grindstone, then all your effort will be in vain as your inventory will still remain with the negative enchantment.

Instead what you can do is set the world rules to – KEEP INVENTORY.

This will cause the curse to have any negative effect on the items you have in your inventory.

However, this is limited to certain items.

And despite all this, the curse of Vanishing can disappear:

✅Every type of armor you have.

✅Tools (Axe, Shovel, Fishing Rod, Shears & more)

✅Weapons (Sword, Shield, Crossbow) and

✅Miscellaneous items like carved pumpkins Mobile heads etc.

Trick to Remove Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

Now comes the question, with no benefits whatsoever, is there any way to get rid of the curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

Well, there is you can’t get rid of the curse of Vanishing, but you can trick it.

Right before your death. You can either drop all the items or place them in storage.

This way the Minecraft Curse of Vanishing will not have anything in your inventory to disappear.

In all this, there is one key thing that you need to remember.

If you ever try to hold the items using the mouse cursor then still you will lose all the items you have right after you die.

Final Words

Ever since the exploration update finding a loot has never been that much excited as this can lead to the Vanishing of all the items you have in your inventory.

Still, you can use the trick, I have mentioned above to elevate the effect of negative enchantment at some level.

That is all for now. If you have got any questions for me, then do let me know about them in the comments section below.

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