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Smart Way to Find & Use Minecraft Buried Treasure [2021]

Minecraft Buried Treasure

Minecraft is by far the greatest nonviolent educational game that you can find on the internet.

There is a lot of things you can do within the game.

And one such thing is finding buried Minecraft treasures.

Anyone who plays this game on a daily basis, It’s an excellent reward for their effort.

Or the hours they have put in the game.

In Minecraft, it is very important to have stones and metals in the Crafting process.

And the buried treasure is a perfect place to find rare resources

So going forward in this post. I will share some steps to find the buried treasures of buried treasures map in Minecraft and how to use them in the game.

Minecraft Buried Treasure
Minecraft Buried Treasure

Steps to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

In order to find buried treasures, the first thing you need to look for is Shipwrecks and underwater Ruins.

You see they are one of the best sources to find Precious Treasures or their map.

When you are on a shipwreck, the only way to find valuable resources is to look through the storage chests available on it.

Then used these found storage chests to provide supplies of different food items to delicious Materials such as diamonds and gold.

And when you look a bit deep in the Shipwreck, you might even find a treasure map of buried treasures.

Now, just assume that you have found a Minecraft treasure map.

How would you PINPOINT the exact location on the map?

No idea, RIGHT?

Well, it’s not that difficult to trace the location as you think.

If you have found the map on a ship back then the probability says that the treasure will be somewhere near the beach biome.

Now that you have pinpointed a possible location, it’s time to find the buried treasures.

It doesn’t matter wherever the actual location is. I would recommend you to go there and dig over it.

Dig over it until you FIND the buried treasure.

And in a few times, the Treasure Chest will be all yours.

As I said in the beginning the buried results will contain some. Premium stuff. Stuff that you won’t find pretty easily in the game.

From limited food items to material items, you can find gold, diamonds, TNT, and much more in the treasure.

How to Use a Buried Minecraft Treasure Map?

It’s great that you have found a buried Minecraft treasure or a Minecraft treasure map.


If you have found the buried Minecraft treasure, then you can take up all its resources. And in case you have found a Minecraft treasure map then do you know what you have to do next?

No idea, right?

Well, then I will walk you through the complete process of using a Minecraft treasure map to find a buried treasure.

After finding out the Minecraft treasure map, you can equip it in the left bar area and select it.

And right away the map will be in your hands.

Now, you have to follow the map until you reach the spot that’s marked as Red X.

Remember the white mark on the map is your current position. In case, you’re nowhere near the visible area, the map shows your position as a white dot.

So, once the white spot reaches the red x mark, you’ve to dig deeper at the same position until you find the buried treasure.


Now that you have reached the required position, you will need to dig a bit deeper just like you’re building a Skyblock on Minecraft.

Even though it’s a bit hard to pinpoint a particular location on the map.
That’s why I would recommend you to go wider when digging for treasure.

And look this is how a buried treasure chest looks like with Minecraft Texture Pack applied on it.

Minecraft Buried Treasure
Minecraft Buried Treasure

After digging Down Deeper you would uncover the chest and once the chest is visible to you, click on it to claim the treasure. In the buried treasure chest, these are the following items you might find it.

  • Diamond TNT
  • Heart of the sea
  • Iron fold

Final Words

That’s it.

Now you have the hidden treasure.

If you’re still having trouble finding the buried treasure using the Map, let me know about the exact issue you’re facing. I’ll try my best to find the right solution for you.

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