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8 Ball Pool New Features And Latest Updates 2018

8 Ball Pool is the game that has never been continuously and majorly updating itself. The Game is as it is as it was launched. The levels are different and amazing to play. The game also allows the players to choose the mode of the gameplay. You are allowed to choose to the type of match you want to play. Recently the game has updated its version. As the 8 ball pool, does not update the versions much, the update is exciting for the players. The game, however, is updating itself slightly so that you won’t get bored off.

Tips and tricks of 8 ball pool for the beginner when you play this game first time.

Features of 8 Ball Pool – Previous Update Version 3.14.1

  • The update gives you access to play the game in the language you want to. You are allowed to play the game using your regional language.
  • The update in the game turned to give a better experience to the user.
  • Earn more coins to upgrade yourself with more accessories and other options.
  • You can challenge your friends online.

Features of 8 Ball Pool – Latest Update Version 4.0.0

  • The update is amazing. You can join a club or you can create your own too. Moreover, you can invite your friends over. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • To increase the earning of your club, you will have to play more.
  • To be an ultimate player, play and reach the new league each time.
  • You can also donate the charity and request for the charity when you need, on behalf of the club.
  • Know who is the best in the club.

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The 8 ball pool is the online game. You can challenge your friends to play with you. Though the game does not make any major changes in the updates, it at least ensures that you get a better user experience every time. Stay tuned with us to get notified about latest game updates.






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