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Amazing Features of Cooking Fever And Reviews

Cooking Fever is unique of its kind game. It is different from any other ordinary concept. The game is simple. You have got to serve as many people as you could. As your points increase, you can purchase more pans to cook. Thus your serving count will ultimately increase too. Cooking Fever is an amazing game in case you are willing to seek pure fun out of the game.

Cooking Fever Game Features

Play more to score more and to get the accessories more

As you play more, you get the more rewards. Use those accessories to gain more excellence in your work. More the accessories you will have, such as pans and burners, more the number of people to serve will be. Thus your points, coins, and rewards will increase ultimately.

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Cooking Fever Game is unpredictable

The game is very simple. Although is very unpredictable. You cannot predict the scene of a restaurant that is going to strike in front of you, the very next moment.

The Cooking Fever Game Reviews

The game is simple yet exciting

“As the levels progress so too does the pressure that the player faces, but the perfect performance and order accuracy that allows you not to lose any customers also delivers the bonuses that allow you to continuously upgrade and shape your restaurant so that it projects the image you choose for it – and that is what sets Cooking Fever apart and gives it its edge!”

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The graphics are beautiful

“The graphical world, while not over-the-top in terms of its cartoon-like goodness, has just enough of that fantasy slant so at to boost its entertainment value. It doesn’t hurt at all that the official Game Center Achievements scheme (as opposed to the in-game Achievements which are completely different) includes tracking your customers by appearance. The variety of fun – and funny – Game Center Achievements include client counts and tip tracking, but also feature Achievements for keeping clients with mustaches happy!”

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“Among the unique extras that the graphical world includes – in addition to the fairly complex depth to your restaurant design and appearance is a spot-on translation of customer moods in facial expressions and body language, providing the sort of covert hints you need to hint at where to focus your upgrades in the future – once you learn to read the customer moods and associate them with your performance – or lack thereof. The game features an upbeat background music as well as a customer tempo that communicates the general mood at the counter, and the sound FX are spot-on to the measure that you almost believe that sausage dog really is burning.”

“Cooking Fever offers the sort of mindless fast-paced pressure-style gameplay that is loads of fun under the right circumstances. For the higher levels, it offers just the right length of play to keep the bite-sized gamer happy, while offering longevity in terms of continuous play (and rewards the player for that with Achievements) if that is your preferred style of play. The wizards at Nordcurrent made a fair attempt at being all things to all fans of the cooking game genre, and we think that they succeeded – and considering the competition in this genre that is saying something!”

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The cooking fever is extremely unique and the fun way to pass your time. The game comes various challenges at every next stage. Although the game is simple, it does not fail to amaze you. For more updates on the games, keep reading us.

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