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List of Free Toca Boca Apps for Kids | 2018 |

If you are looking for the free Toca Boca apps for kids in 2018, then you have landed on the right page. We all love Toca Boca because it has raised the benchmark for smartphones for kids. Making preschools virtual games and child-friendly games have helped many parents around the world.

So, I have sorted the top five most popular and free Toca Boca games available for kids in 2018.

Update on 24th September 2018: We are going to add one more free Toca Boca app for kids. This app is Toca Town which is really interesting for kids.

Toca Life: Town

Toca Town is an open-play environment which is specially designed for little kids to explore six town-related areas that include open-ended gameplay. In this platform, kids are free to create their own gaming environment which includes inhabitants, visit six locations, and discover hidden treasures nestled in unlikely places.

The Top 5 Free Toca Boca Apps for Kids

Toca Doctor

Toca Doctor brings your kids aged 3 and above, mini-games, fun puzzles and also they can be a doctor for a day. All these games are part of the human body and can be very educational for kids to learn.

Toca Kitchen Monsters

Now, your kids can cook, fry, boil whatever food they want and play with it with the two monsters on this game.

This is one of the most popular Toca Boca games right now trending.

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales

If your kid is into fairy tales, well now they can tailor, design and create amazing outfits for two characters in a fairy tale setting.

They can also adjust lengths and hems too.

Toca Hair Salon- Christmas Gift

Cut, style and take care of Santa’s beard and also a Christmas Tree. This happens to be a perfect way for your children to get into the Christmas spirit.

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Toca Dance

It doesn’t matter if you are a dancer or not, with Toca Dance your child will be choreographing the best moves possible for the characters. With lots of costumes, songs, and charters, your kid is set to have a blast with Toca Dance.

Toca Boca gained popularity by creating digital toys for kids that not just show the power of play but also helps them learn along the way. Their string of many other apps free and paid both have gained a lot of pace among its users.

In either case, I have also provided a video link to all the free Toca Boca games, you don’t have to click here & there, and get the whole Toca Boca to fill from one place.

All the Free Toca Boca apps for kids

I have attached a video for you so you can have the total fill on the full list of free Toca Boca apps for kids in 2018.

Well, now that you got all of that, why wait!

Have a wonderful Toca Boca experience ya’ll!

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