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Iron Blade Review: Features and User Reviews

Iron Blade is an intense, visceral, medieval RPG action game. The game has been developed by Gameloft and is one of the most downloaded games on Google Play. At last count, it has over 10 million downloads and enjoys a rating of 4.4 in the Action genre. In this article, we will give you our Iron Blade Review and also look at some user reviews of the game.

Iron blade definitely has its visual appeal and looks shiny. The presentation of the game is very slick and precise. For people who love action games with blood and gore, this game will feel like playing in their home territory.

Iron Blade Review: Features

Although this is a typical RPG action game, there are some great ideas in this game by Gameloft. The game takes place in a fantasy representation of medieval Europe. The scenes look amazing and the action graphics keep you hooked.

The player plays the role of a disgraced Templar in the game. The game does give you some semblance of a story, but it is simply a way for it to push you towards one violent level after another.

The fights in the game are graphically pleasing and are mostly modeled around being something similar to games like Assassin’s Creed. As is usually the case with mobile games, there are two main controls. On the right side, there is a screen to attack the blade fodder coming towards you. Tapping on the left side of the screen will perform a parry.

There also are some buttons towards the bottom of the screen. Pushing these buttons will help you execute some special moves when you have enough points/energy stored to execute these moves. Iron Blade Review Image 2

When an enemy is about to hit you, icons will flash above them. This will give you the chance to react to them and parry their attack. There’s no breathing time in this game. As soon as you are done with one bunch of baddies, the screen goes black before sending you towards the next bunch of enemies. Every level has an average of four such waves of enemies. Your character’s health won’t regenerate between these waves of attacks though.

With each level, you should try to kill as many enemies as possible in the most spectacular way. This is the only way of increasing your numbers. When you do so, you can forge, equip and then upgrade pieces of your armor and weaponry. Without such additions to your armor and weaponry, the game won’t allow you to level up. This is annoying but the next levels are generally difficult to beat and do require better weapons and armor.

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Because of this, you are often left going back through older levels in order to gain more XP points. But XP points are not enough, you also need to hit different events in order to get materials to evolve. After some time, this gets repetitive and boring. Also, there’s usually no point to this unending leveling up. Although you are fighting with better weapons and armor, you are doing the same stuff on every level.

Iron Blade Review: User Reviews

Let us now look at some user reviews for the game that we found on the Google Play store.

User Mukiisa Brian, in his Iron Blade review, finds the game to be really awesome and states that he loves the game. He suggests that there should be some kind of joystick-like control in the game so that the player can control the character’s movements more effectively. He notes that when the character is simply moving along the game by himself, the game tends to get boring. He wants the developers to add more puzzles and bounty for the gamers to slash and win. He ends the review by saying that the graphics of the game are excellent and very high class.

User James Slater, in his Iron Blade review, says that he likes the concept of the game and notes that the game has ‘very exceptional graphics’. However, he notes that the game requires players to have recommended armor and weapon for some levels and that these are not always required. James feels that there are many levels where you have enough time to finish the level. But there are many levels where even double the recommended armor/weaponry won’t be enough to finish the level on time. He notes that it takes a really long time to evolve materials unless the player buys lots of mini-transactions. Iron Blade Review Image 3

Use Adrian Waves, in his Iron Blade review, feels that Iron Blade is one of the most amazing mobile games that he has ever played. The user feels that the gameplay, the story, the quest, etc. are all great and he especially loves the fights. However, Adrian feels that it has become very difficult to progress through levels without paying for in-app purchases.

User Luke Matheson, in his Iron Blade review, complains that the game has too many ads and that there’s nothing that the player can do but watch the ads for everything. He also complains that the game progresses very slowly and that buying items inside the game is a total waste of money.

User D Solutions, in his Iron Blade review, notes that the game is very boring and that only a joystick can make the game interesting to play. He has a problem with the auto fight option of the game and sarcastically remarks that the auto fight option will make the players sit on a chair and watch while the character finishes the game by itself.

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User Vincent Jones, in his Iron Blade review, finds the inability to control the movement of the character unforgivable. He finds this silly and states that this feels as if the player is not in control at all. Vincent notes that the graphics of the game are nice and that the animations are really smooth. He notes that the game is brilliant except for the fact that the gamer cannot control the movement of the character. He adds that this is the reason why he uninstalled the game.

Iron Blade Review: Conclusion

Iron Blade is certainly a very good looking game and all users have constantly stated that the game looks good. The graphics, the action, and even the story sometimes feel brilliant. However, too many ads, inability to control the character and repetitive gameplay tend to make the game boring for many gamers.

How did you like our Iron Blade review? Did your experience match that of the other users? Or did you find your experience to be entirely different? In either case, do tell us about it in the comments section below:

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