Netflix VS Hulu: Battle Of Best Streaming Services

Watching online videos is the trend of today and everyone wants to watch shows and movies online because they don't need to go outside for enjoying this stuff. There are a plenty of videos streaming services which offers you a wide range of online content. Netflix and Hulu both permit you numerous videos and movies on the reasonable monthly subscription. But when we compare both then there are certain features which differentiate them. Netflix VS Hulu Compariosn will let you know the difference between both streaming apps.

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Netflix VS Hulu: which is the Best Streaming Service

If you really want to know which service is best for sticking up then here I will figure out the main difference and determine which one is good. Netflix vs Hulu which will win the battle for best streaming service for knowing this fact start reading this article.

Netflix VS Hulu: Battle Of Best Streaming Services 1
Netflix VS Hulu: Battle Of Best Streaming Services

Netflix vs Hulu: Price

Let's take a look on the price of both and consider which one is good in terms of price. Netflix offers you different subscriptions from $8 to $14 based on the video quality. Its SD subscription is of $8 but you can stream videos only for one equipment. You have to pay $11 for HD subscription and it allows you to stream videos for two devices. And topmost 4k HD subscription demand for $14. There is also DVD rental services and you have to pay more for it.

On the other hand, Hulu gives you its regular service for $8 and for commercial service you have to pay $12. Hulu is now going to begin a streaming live TV service. when we compare the pricing they both look alike. There is no big difference in their price.

Netflix vs Hulu: Content library

The most noticeable thing when you choose a video streaming service is its content library. Basically, Netflix used for movies and a large number of movies are available in its library. Netflix is continuous changes its stuff and in recent years Netflix has reduced its movie collection and it started to focus on TV shows. Most part of its genuine content comes in the form of TV shows. This trick becomes beneficial for Netflix and some serial are so popular like Orange is the new black to newer, Stranger things, Black mirror, Lost in space.

Although Hulu was not great before its condition has become better after it has possessed by three TV networks. The shows on Hulu is not handed over to those networks. Hulu is tied in a deal of 5 years to show the CW shows. Hulu also provides you the TV shows from the ABC, NBC, and FOX, the next day after aeration. Hulu also boasts the collection of 900+ Art movies.

Netflix now allows you to download series and movies in Windows 10 to view offline

Also, there is a tie in terms of the content library.

Netflix Vs Hulu: Add-Ons

Add-Ons means when a streaming service permits you to access all the stuff from another service. In this case, Hulu gives you access to HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime and you have to pay an extra $8.99 monthly.

Whereas Netflix doesn't give you any Add-Ons and there is a DVD plan on a fixed rate.

Here Hulu is the winner in terms of Add-Ons.

Netflix VS Hulu: Exclusive and Genuine shows

Hulu contains some exclusive shows like Seinfeld and South Park and also have the variety of genuine Shows like Shut Eye, Chance, Future Man, and the Handmaid's Tail. You can only subscribe Hulu for Handmaid's Tail as it is the great show ever.

On the other hand, Netflix boasts the wide variety of exclusive TV shows. In terms of originality, Netflix has expanded up to $8 Billion in 2018. The list of original shows is really wide but some like Glow, 13 Reasons Why Love, The keepers, One day at a time, stranger things are the legendary ones.

Here Netflix wins the battle.

Netflix Vs Hulu: Device Support

Netflix supports almost all the devices like Set-top box, Streaming Medis Hubs, Gaming console, Android phones, Smart TVs, desktops, and many more. Hulu also supports all these devices and it is pretty complex to identify the device or operating system which doesn't support these services.

In the device supports also a tie between Netflix and Hulu.

Final Verdict

Finally, on the basis of the above description, Netflix wins the battle. If you want to watch old TV shows like Storage Wars, BBC without paying then Netflix perfect for you. In fact, the selection of streaming services based on your personal taste and I like Netflix very much. Well, the choice is yours which one you prefer. Both have different advantages and rates also.

Still, any query regarding Netflix and Hulu then comments below and also share your experience if you are currently using any video streaming service. For more updates stay connected.