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Elisabeth Anderson Sierra HyperLactation Mom: Breast Milk Goddess Woman

Some stories have the power to warm up the cockles of our hearts. There is a Mom of two kids whose name is Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra, she has become really famous in Beaverton, Oregon, all because of her decision to donate her own breast milk to the families who are in need, and mind you, she is donating a lot of breast milk.

Anderson-Sierra often tells PEOPLE her theory of how effort is a “way of life.”

She often says that “I definitely feel good about being able to help people, but I also think it’s kinda ingrained in who I am.” Well, we definitely need more people like her.

This woman named Anderson-Sierra has a rare syndrome named hyperlactation, due to which she is able to produce some extra breast milk.

Hyperlactation Mom Anderson Sierra

This great woman named Anderson claims to have donated at least 78,000 ounces of milk, which is even more than 600 gallons, from the time, her older daughter Isabella was born which was about two-and-a-half years ago.

While, one needs to keep in mind the fact that her 6-month-old daughter, Sophia, still consumes about 20-28 ounces of milk a day, still the 29-year-old mother has said that she still produces an average of about 225 ounces daily, which is about 1.7 gallons.

For her, she claims that this is her way of being active in her community and it is her way of giving back to humanity, and thus, she calls it her labor of love.

She is also known as the “milk goddess” who goes to the extent of donating all her supply to the milk banks, which is after distributed across the nation. She also even supplies the milk to local moms and also families from her community.

Although she even gets reimbursed a dollar which is merely an ounce for every donation that she gives to the milk banks, but you would be surprised to know that most of that money which she earns in the process goes right back to buying pumps, sanitation kits, and freezers which help in storing the milk, she added that she barely ever breaks even which surely increases our respect for her.

It often comes to our mind as to when did this female ever think about pursuing this highly helpful and meaningful project, when Anderson-Sierra was asked the same question, she said that she thought about donating breast milk to local moms before even her first daughter who was born. After which, she started to donate some of her milk to the local moms after the birth of her first daughter Isabella in 2014, but it happened after the birth of her second daughter which was on Dec. 26, 2016, that she finally thought of taking it forward and she started pursuing the project full-time.

She said that she had realized the importance of her donated breast milk after her second daughter who was born in 2016 who had benefited from it just a month after her birth. This was a turning point for this super producer.

People know her as a super producer. This woman Anderson-Sierra has been diagnosed with HyperLactation Syndrome and she claims to be producing more than even a gallon and a half of breast milk every single day.

Her second daughter Sophia was born at just 37 weeks after Anderson went through about 30 hours of labor. Anderson-Sierra said in an interview that she was all worn out after the birth and thus, she could not breastfeed her daughter for the first 24 hours after her daughter was born.

 She said in an interview that her body was just exhausted while being in the labour so she even had to have the donor milk for her own daughter for the first couple of feedings that her daughter had post her birth. She claims that it was the experience that helped Anderson in fueling her passion and also her desire to an even further extent to go on the journey of donating milk, as even she was stuck in the same situation herself.

It happened in February of the same year that Anderson was then diagnosed with the condition of hyper lactation. This 29-year-old mom claims to be spending about 10 hours in each day just pumping breast milk, helping in packaging supplies and even working with milk banks to pick up, vet and also deliver her supplies.

She has said that till this time the pumping hasn’t actually stopped herself or her family from doing things that they had wanted, but then sometimes, it surely does add some extra hiccup in there which we can totally understand. However, she also gives the credit to her husband, David Sierra who is fifty two now and is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer and now is the current public safety officer for his support towards her decision to breast feed and also to donate milk.

She told in an interview that she has two full-size freezers which are always all stocked up. All of her supply then goes to one milk bank that later on distributes it nationwide.

Then there are many Hospitals that also use the milk bank in order to help the tiniest patients that they have which are their premature babies which sometimes even weigh as little as just a pound.

She said, “They rigorously test the milk for drugs, bacteria, anything. And if your milk fails, they can’t use it.”

So it is astonishing to note that this miracle mom has donated more than 600 gallons of her own breast milk and doing such a thing for others is not ordinary for sure. She did this just to help hundreds of other parents feed their babies. This modern-day Teresa Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra, 29, actually devotes 10 hours a day to her “labor of love” and for her it’s like a full-time job. So make sure you share this post as much as you can so that this woman can get all the love and respect that she rightfully deserves. So don’t forget to share this post as much as you can.



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