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SHAReit for android: Transfer and share data free

Download SHAREit apk Latest Version 2019
SHAReit app download for android apk latest version 2019

If you’re searching for an easy and convenient way to transfer large files with your friends and family, then SHAREit is made for you.

In this article, I will share the official download link of SHAREit so that you can download the latest apk version of SHAREit for Android.

One great thing about SHAREit app is that it’s available for all the platforms such as Android, iPhone and iOS devices.

SHAREit for Android allows you to share your files, songs, and videos to other nearby devices.

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Download SHAREit apk 2019 For Windows

Download Shareit for PC (latest apk version 2019)

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SHAREit apk Latest Version Download for Android

In today’s era, we require a fast and effective file transfer application and that satisfies all these requirements of a typical Indian smartphone user.

There are plenty of others File transfer applications are available on the play store. But the thing is they consume too much time which is not acceptable.

Along with slow transfer speed, we may face connectivity problems while sending files. In such a situation SHAREit apk comes into the picture which gives a great data transmissions speed without any interruption.

The SHAREit work great on all the OS platforms whether it is Android or iOS and if you want to save your time and a great lightning file transfer than SHAREit apk is all you need.

You might be surprised after hearing that SHAREit apk offers transmission speed up to1MB to 100GB and it is also compatible for mobile to PC data transfer. SHAREit is also available for Windows Operating System as well.

All you need to do is just download the SHAREit apk from here and install it on your Android device as simple as that.

Honestly, it is the best alternative for Bluetooth transfer and other sharing applications. The reason is that SHAREit is designed and developed especially for Android smartphone users.

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Features of Latest SHAREit apk

Now it’s time to talk about the features of the latest SHAREit apk. So below are the remarkable features of the latest version of SHAREit apk.

Lightening Data Transfer Speed

  • It allows you to instantly share the data to your friends and family at very faster rates.

SHAREit Music Player

    • The latest version of SHAREit apk provides a special panel called “Discover Trending Music”. This panel offers you all top best trending and hundreds of music playlist as well. You can listen songs in the playlist online and offline as well.

Video Player Support

    • The SHAREit apk is much more than a typical data transfer app as it embedded with an amazing video player which support all kinds of video formats. Using SHAREit you can download the video and watch it later.

No More Restriction on Data Size

    • It doesn’t has any size limitations of data. So don’t have to worry about the file size.

Privacy Protection

    • Along with the fast speed, it provides great security which is very important while data transmission. It secures your privacy from the unknown entity.
    • The software of the app is penetrated constantly so that data can be transmitted securely and faster at the same time.

Download SHAREit apk Latest Version 2019

App Information

App Name: SHAREit

Version Infromation: 4.6.88

User Ratings: 4.6 / 5

Developer Name: Shareit Information Technology Co., Ltd

CEO Name: Michael Qui

Initial Release Date: 2015


Download the SHAREit Latest apk (4.6.88) from here

So we have reached the end of this article where I have given the latest official download of SHAREit apk. You can easily download this app by just single click the link I’ve given.

If you found any trouble while downloading the application, do let me know in the comment section

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