Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam : Which is the best file transfer app

Technology has made everything quick and accessible. Our smartphones are the powerhouse of multiple apps and among them, we all have at least one file transfer app. Later we use Bluetooth for sharing data but it was a pretty complex process. For escaping all that hassle app developers have to create different file sharing apps. We are here with three most popular file sharing apps to compare them. Here in Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam, I will differentiate them.

Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam : Which is the best file transfer app

Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam: Overview

When we take an intense look we observe that shareit and Xender do more than file sharing. Sharit performs like a good file manager and a video player also as you can watch videos on it. With Xender you can enjoy songs as it is amalgamated with Hungama music. On the other hand, Superbeam offers you the ultimate experience of file sharing with its NFC and QR code feature.

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Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam: File sharing speed

Shartit Xender and Superbeam all the three medium claims for high sharing speed. In speed, Xender claims that it can go higher up to 40MBPS whereas Shareit and Superbeam claim for an equal speed and their speed can be up to 20MBPS.

In fact, file sharing speed depends on Wi-Fi connection if you working on a slow one then you can’t do anything. Another noticeable thing is that all the file sharing apps don’t offer the speed as they claim.

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Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam: File Support

All the three apps can share a wide range of files like Photos, music, videos, documents and PDF files. But Xender gives a superior performance as it supports numerous file formats like apk, .epub, .txt, .ebk and doc formats like .doc and ppt etc.

Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam: User Interface

When things come in terms of user interface then I will go for Xander as it is divided into categories and you don’t need to search anything on the other hand shareit is full of Ads which makes it less impressive. Superbeam gives you NFC and QR code facility for easy sharing but when things come in terms of ease then Shareit is easy as you have to just select and tap for transferring the desired file.

Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam: Multiple device support

All the three file transferring apps comes with multiple device support and you can share files between more than two devices simultaneously. Xender and Superbeam come with web share feature and allows you to share files with a portable Wi-Fi network. Shareit’s group share feature permits you to transfer your data among your multiple friends.

Shareit vs Xender vs Superbeam: App for PC

Shareit and Suberbeam both have a dedicated app for Pc so if you want to transfer files between your window device and android device then you can do so via versa. Both apps gives you the clear and easy interface for PC sharing. Xender is behind in this term as it doesn’t have any dedicated app for Pc.