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Shareit: download the old version of the app

Shareit App is a very much essential app to share the files. There were the days when we used to share the data via Bluetooth. Shareit is a way faster, as it transfers the files using the protocols. The app is able to share any amount of data across. All you need is a wifi. The shareit app shares the file using the wifi. The data is transferred within the time of seconds.

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Previous Shareit Version 4.5.18 Features

  • Shareit 4.5.18 version has got a new home page.
  • Have a video advertising and the ads displayed are amazing.
  • The media centre is added to make the management of local file a way easier.
  • Image result for user reviews for shareit 4.5.28

Latest Shareit Version 4.5.28 Features

  • The speed is the main update in the latest version. The data is transferred with the speed of light.
  • The latest update has the videos and shows to watch on the go.
  • The daily updates are shared. The shareit page is updated daily.

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Users reviews about the 4.5.28 version

The shareit version is available on windows

“Share it is the application which is used to transfer the document, data, file from one device to another device and now, it is available for Windows operating system.
Some time windows user faced an issue with there computer system for that problem you can visit Windows 10 Customer Support here you will get the exact solution to your problem.”, says Jerry.

Transportation of files has become so much easier and faster

“Dear friends. You want to do shortcut in all things that related to our day to day life. Such as the shareit application. We can share apps from one mobile to other by this application. This method saves data use and our time also. Only by send and receive we can transport application. Not require enough space and seriously very useful. Only you may sure that location and wifi will always on for using this application. You can share the picture, video, audio. File or any application by using this.”, says jmahatabshaikh24.

Shareit is a fantastic application which transfers files between devices in seconds!

Its concept of cellular data free is just amazing, that’s the best thing about this app. The design of the app is also pretty simple and easy to use and access. Features of the app also do their job pretty well, the transfer is no longer limited. Its feature of Multiplatform use is just amazing, it could run on every platform such as IOS, Android, Windows Laptop and phone. Its very useful in day to day life where Its hard to connect cables and transfer files, music through cables. It has made life easier.”, says Sairabaskmalik.

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The Shareit app is a very useful app for sharing the files wirelessly. The shareit allows sending the files between mobile to mobile and from computer to mobile and vice versa. The Shareit will keep updating itself, stay tuned with us to get latest updates. Drop a comment below telling your personal experiences with the Shareit.

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