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New Update of Pokemon Go Niantic is Adding In 2018

Pokemon Go is an AR (Augmented Reality) Game developed by Niantic for Android and IOS platforms. The Pokemon series has a lot of fans and admirers. Many games are released in various platforms like Nintendo switch, PC, flash versions and many more. Augmented reality closes the gap between real-world objects and digital information. The interaction with the real world is taken to a whole new level with AR. Pokemon Go is an AR game where players will interact with the world objects in real time.

Pokemon Go Niantic is Extremely Interesting Gameplay

Gameplay is interesting, fun and can team up with friends for exciting challenges. The new update of PvP (player Vs player) in Pokemon Go is what players have been waiting for. Read till the end of the article to get a hold of full information regarding updates.

The Pokemon Go makes you move around

Unlike the games played, this game needs players to move around places to find pokemon. Player should be connected to a network for accurate location and information.

The Game is an Augmented reality that makes it more interesting and fun

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Once a pokemon is found, the smartphone vibrates indicating the presence. Players can then use poke balls to try and collect the pokemon. It is not easy to find them and this is what makes the play interesting. This game was released back in July 2016. Regular updates with the addition of new features are done to maintain the interest of users.

Pokemon are lovely to chase and seek. Unfortunately, they have only augmented reality!

Pokemon like Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise and many others are spread out in the world. You can collect them with poke balls after getting closer. You can find pokemon at lakes, places, monuments, historic places etc. As you play more, higher level pokemon will be available to collect.

Playing with your friends makes the game funnier

Multiplayer is available but is in a limited format. You can only team up with other players in the battle of gym ownership. Raid battles are exciting and gameplay in raid battles is co-operative. Evolving your pokemon gives more power and control in battles. Collect pokemon of the same kind to evolve.

The latest update includes players can add friends from social platforms, send them gifts, trade items, unlock bonuses by participating in events and many more.

Features of Pokemon Go Niantic

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Multiplayer mode is available

The main theme of pokemon series is winning the battle by using pokemon and winner is declared out of 3 or 5 rounds. While there are many features, PvP battles are missing but guess what, an official announcement is released that Niantic is gearing up to add the PvP feature to the game.

Expected date of the latest update

Anne Beuttenmuller (head of product marketing) stated in an interview regarding their plan to complete PvP battles feature till the end of 2018. If everything goes with the plan, we will be playing pokemon go with friends in PvP battle format. This update will surely attract a large number of new and returning players to the game.

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This game has already acquired 100 million downloads and still counting. It is a hit in both Android and IOS platforms. Gamers love updates with new features and content and Niantic is on the right track fixing bugs and releasing more updates in successive intervals. For more updates and latest features’ review, stay reading us.

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