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Clash of Clans Loots The Money And Data

Clash of clans is the game of looting a bank by the tech savvy guys. The cool and mod guys are looting the bank accounts smartly. The credit cards that get stolen are used in the game to make the purchases and the account is resold. Thus the thieves are not found guilty in the act of stealing the card.

Automating the account to launder the money is not a tough process

To enjoy the money laundering game like clash of clans, one needs to purchase it from the Apple store. However, the game is easily downloaded using some fake IDs and generating a new password. To automate the money laundering game, the game store account is automated too.

The stolen database of Clash of clans was backed to hack the MongoDB as well

The database of the stolen credit card was huge. The same database was backed up, to hack the MongoDB. MongoDB is one of the standard databases used by many of the renowned and the trusted data centres.

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The reports say these hacks are performed in the countries like:

Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, and Mauritania.

“We do not know if this was simply because the tool and Facebook page is new and this is just due to initial users, or if operating through these countries provides some kind of additional benefit to the thieves.”, says the report.

If you are playing clash of clans then try its hacked version with all latest amazing features. Check out the hack and cheats of clash of clans and enjoy the game.

The mobile developers are told to be more aware with respect to the security of user

With the reported claims of money laundering action through the games like clash of clans,  user’s data is not safe. Hence, app developers and mobile developers were asked to maintain the security of the user at any cost.

It is shocking that how easily the free to play games can be used to launder the money

The games which are used widely, and are freely available to play are not that secure. These free to play games are depended on the money that the player is supposed to invest over in-app purchase. Moreover, the user’s data is not safe. It is a way easier to have all the data of the credit card of the player. Hence, the security of the mobile applications must be stronger and harder enough to crack.
The games like clash of clans are very successful mobile games. The huge number of players are seen playing the games. Hence, these games remain the target of many money launderers. Be aware while sharing your information across. For more such news and updates, stay connected with us.


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