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BattleTech Guide, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Battletech is one of those games that require you to have a really strong understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the game. Without such an understanding, you will find it really difficult to keep your pilots alive or to keep your mechs outfitted or your mercenary company paid.

BattleTech is one of those games that can be unforgiving for new players. Not only that, the tutorials themselves are buried deep within the dialogue options. If you are not careful in exploring each and every corner of your dropship, it is easy to miss the tutorial.

So, before you get started playing this game, you must go through this BattleTech Guide for Beginners.

BattleTech Guide – Mech Combat Basics:

In order to win missions, it is critical for you to navigate in turn order and plan your upcoming attacks based on which enemy is going to move next. Remember that the turn order goes reverse, as in 5,4,3,2,1, instead of 1,2,3,4,5. Many beginners make this mistake and suffer because of the same. Pay attention to who is going to attack next. Also, try to keep in mind which player will be sensor locked that turn and still attacked by another mech in your group.

BattleTech Guide: Pilot Skills

Two of the most important skills to master in the BattleTech game are Sensor Locking and Evasive Movement. However, they are not fully explained by the tutorials.

For example, many beginners believe that in order to sensor lock on an enemy, they need to have the enemy in direct line of sight. However, this is not true. You must have the enemy on your radar. They will be visible as the unknown red dots on your radar when they are within the sensor range.

You should try to finish the enemy from this range itself instead of waiting for them to come in range and then engaging in short range laser fire or direct melee combat.BattleTech guide image 2

Most of your enemies will either be mechs or tanks. These are susceptible to your mech melee assaults and will usually go down in one hit.

BattleTech Guide: Choosing Attack Type

Many beginners make the mistake of using their entire weapon payload during each attack. You can also click each weapon in your list in the lower right corner to add or remove before firing. By optimizing this, you can manage your vehicle heat. To vent heat, one great option is to switch to melee battle for a round.

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In case a weapon is not going to hit your target but will increase your heat, it’s better to turn it off for that attack. These settings are saved for each attack. So, it’s important that you not forget to turn it back on for the next attack if the weapon will be useful in the next round.BattleTech guide image 3

Also, try to hit the enemy on the side or back when you are targeting them with missiles and lasers. This will help you by reducing the enemy’s armor damage reduction and it will hence, overcome their guarded state.

If you are trying to take out the legs of a mech, it’s ideal to attack from behind. Hitting from behind improves the chance from 18% to 50% range. Keep aiming for the center torso too. Although the chance of taking it out is lower, it will incapacitate the pilot if taken out.

BattleTech Guide: BattleTech Mechs and Weapons

There is a huge variety of mechs, ranging from the Spiders to the Dragons, from Shadowhawks to the Vindicators and many more. Each has a different focus point like movement range, heat distribution, ranged combat speciality or melee combat speciality and so on.

Best Mechs and Weapons

The general idea is to go for heavier mechs as they have more space to carry weapons. Hence, it is a good idea to go for heavy mechs for both their armor and their attack strength. Remember though that each mech has different weapon anchor points.

When you highlight a weapon in the equipment list, the locations on the mech where you can use the weapon will be shown.

Just changing weapon types and tailoring it to the pilot’s skills can have drastically different results on a mission.

BattleTech Tips and Tricks to optimize Battle Mechs

  • Special weapons need to have their corresponding ammo types on the mech to be used.
  • Pay attention to each weapon’s minimum and optimal ranges. Don’t use short-range weapons in a long range and vice versa.
  • Make sure to finish loadout with extra heat sinks while refitting your weapons.
  • If you don’t need heat jump jets or heat sinks, you can instead add armor by removing these items.

BattleTech Guide: How to use Light Mechs

Although light, fast moving mechs with little armor may seem useless at first look, they are very useful in the initial few missions. Heavy mechs can take hits and help you win later missions but you don’t suffer many hits in the initial missions. Use your light mechs here effectively to quickly go through these missions.

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Also, you can use light mechs for scouting. Scouting for enemies is something you don’t need heavy mechs for. The speed of light mechs also helps as you can quickly scan more areas. Also, once you find the enemy, you can quickly reposition the mechs with their long-range sprinting and jump jet ability. They can also be used to take our vehicles with melee attacks.

BattleTech Guide to Mastering Movement

We have covered the basics of BattleTech. Let us now see how to win.

The first and most important lesson in BattleTech is to be mobile. When you are under constant attack from long range weapons, staying in one place is like being a sitting duck. You will be quickly eliminated. So stay alert and stay mobile.

Also, use forest terrain to your advantage against superior numbers of the enemy.

Right click to check how many Evasion points a mech has. Be on the lookout for enemy turrets.

BattleTech Formation

As a rule of thumb, do not split to hit the enemy. Try to use your numbers to your advantage. There are very few missions where splitting into smaller squads of two units will be useful to you. In these missions, it is ideal to split to target the enemy from different directions. Staying clustered together is usually a good idea from a defensive point of view.

BattleTech guide image 5

One exception to this is when you send light mechs who can quickly go ahead and engage your enemy in a melee combat. In this case, you can use your heavy mechs to attack the enemy from a long range while they are busy fighting your light mech.

However, this strategy is very risky as your light mech will take lots of damage and will be out of the game soon.

How did you like these tips? Was this BattleTech Guide, tips, and tricks for beginners useful for you? Write your comments below.

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