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How to Set up YouTube Kids on Roku?

Since the official launch in 2008, Roku has become the market leader with a 42% share of the set-top-box market and 38% share of the streaming media player market. Roku will allow you to watch media content from online services like Netflix, Plex, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. In addition, low cost and easy usage have earned Roku an influential place in the digital media player market.

The best part about using Roku is that it supports all the primary streaming services and many lesser-known ones. You can use it to watch your favorite shows or movies on Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Instant Video without any hassles. Being a device that allows you to receive streaming media content from the internet, you will be able to access all your favorite channels through Roku as well. The plus point is that it doesn’t require any monthly subscription fee at all!

What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is a children-oriented application. It is an app that can help children watch videos that are appropriate for them. As the name suggests, it is a YouTube product. The application makes it easier for children to use YouTube.

YouTube Kids have features that make it better for kids than their parent app YouTube. There are parental control features in this app. It also filters videos to only watch content appropriate for specific age groups.

How to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku?

A lot of people are searching for the YouTube Kids app on Roku. Well, as of now, there is no official YouTube Kids app for Roku. But don’t be disappointed. There is still some ways to stream the contents from YouTube Kids on your Roku TV.

The easiest and fastest way to use YouTube Kids on Roku is to enable the screen mirroring option. The Miracast feature helps you in this case.

With the help of the Google Home app, you can cast YouTube kids from your Android device. You can also cast it from your iPhone device with AirPlay. Here I will be using the AirPlay method to cast youtube kids from iPhone on Roku. However, before you do that, here’s how you can enable screen mirroring on Roku:

How Can You Enable Screen Mirroring Feature on Roku?

To enable screen mirroring on Roku, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enable Miracast on TV

Firstly, you need to enable the Miracast feature on your TV. To do this, go to Settings -> System -> Screen Mirroring. Now select your preferred option from Prompt, Always Allow and Never Allow.

Step 2: Enable Miracast on Roku

Now go to Settings -> System -> screen Mirroring and select the Always allow screen mirroring option. That is it. You have enabled screen mirroring on your Roku device.

Step 3: Connect Roku with your Phone or Laptop

Switch on the screen mirroring option of your device (phone or laptop). The name of your TV will appear in the list of devices. Select that device from the list and start casting. If a prompt appears, accept it and complete the process.

How to Access YouTube Kids Using Screen Mirroring?

1. Connect both your Roku and Android devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Download the YouTube Kids app from the Google Play Store on your phone.

3. Sign in to your YouTube Kids account and swipe down the notification bar on your phone.

4. Select “Screencast” and then choose “Enable wireless display” from your phone’s notification bar.

5. Choose your Roku TV from the list of nearby devices that appears.

6. After connecting with Roku, stream a video on your phone, and it will play on your TV as well.

Using iPhone to Screen Mirror YouTube Kids on Roku

  • Connect your Roku and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network before proceeding.
  • Download the YouTube Kids app from the iTunes store.
  • Slide down the control center to activate screen mirroring on your iPhone. You will see a screen mirroring option; press on it.
  • Locate and pick your Roku device from the list of neighboring devices.
  • Your Roku TV will provide you with a code. However, to connect your iPhone, you must offer it adequately.
  • It’s now just a matter of starting the app and watching your favorite Roku shows.

Access Roku via Airplay

  • To begin, turn on your Roku so that it can connect to the internet.
  • Using the Roku remote to get back to the home screen is the second step after turning on your Roku device. To return home, tap the “home” button on your phone.
  • Go to “settings” from the home screen. For example, you can access “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit” from the settings menu. From there, select an option.
  • To get the required code, click on AirPlay after clicking on the option. Make sure just one-time use is needed in the box next to the necessary code.

How to Watch YouTube Kids Videos on Windows 10 PCs With Roku?

  • Go to the YouTube Kids website using any web browser on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Ensure that both devices are linked to the same wireless network before proceeding.
  • To access the different projection settings included in Windows, press “Windows key” + “P” on your keyboard.
  • You’ll find it at the bottom of the list under “Connect to a Wireless Display.”
  • It’s now possible to choose your Roku device from here and play any YouTube Kids video directly from your Windows 10 PC.


Today, when you open the YouTube app, it’s pretty common to come across inappropriate ads.

And there’s no way in hell any parent would want their children to see them.

So, setting up YouTube Kids on your Roku device in a parental control environment can be an excellent option.

I hope with this post; you will be able to set up the YouTube kids app on Roku for your kids.

That’s all for now.

If you need any help setting this up or any other app on your Roku, let us know in the comments section below.

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