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Mx Player: Enjoy Movies In Full HD Quality

The must-have app in everyone’s phone is MX player. It is one of the best apps available for free. MX player app supports all the formats of audio and video. The latest MX player app comes with the amazing features of playing the video and audio track by allowing the user to customize the beat and background noise. You will have to download MX player custom codec files to enjoy DTS audio effects for your device. The MX player app is available and compatible for Android, iOS and PCs.

Download MX Player App for your Device and Enjoy the Videos running Smoothly

The MX player app plays all the video formats very smoothly. The video for any quality and length is played without any error and without any buffering.

Download Codec for MX Player App

For the latest versions of MX Players, the codec is automatically downloaded. However, you can download it manually if you have issues of DTS sound compatibility.

Features of the MX Player Application

1. MX Player App Supports all the Formats

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It supports all the audio and video formats such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MPEG and new formats as they get updated.

2. The MX Player App has a great feature of proving accurate Subtitle Support

It does not by any mean stops you watching the foreign language movie. To understand the movies in another language, you need to have subtitles. The subtitles added are very prompt and accurate.

3. Get multiple Core Coding to enhance your MX player Full HD experience

MX player Full HD supports multiple coding. It gives you the interface to get the best audio quality and video enhancement. Other software support hardware core coding. The MX App HD gives you privileges to enjoy both hardware and software core.

4. MX Player has kid’s lock

Kid’s lock feature allows you to lock the entire screen’s functions while you are watching the video.

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The MX player video app is an excellent available app that too for free. Many features will get updates according to the format of sound and visuality. We will update the information as it gets updated.

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