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Blackmart Alpha Review – Is it safe to use this?

Have you ever heard about the Blackmart Alpha app store? Well, if you are an Android user then here is some interesting piece of information that could be useful to you.

What is Blackmart Alpha?

For all those who have heard this name before, but not very sure about what the Blackmart Alpha app store is all about, we shall put it simply for you; the Blackmart Alpha is another application just like the Google Play Store for all those smartphones and tablets which run the Android operating system. Android users can use the Blackmart Alpha to download many other apps. For Android users like you, the Google Play Store is a name that is all too well known for you, but the Blackmart Alpha is among the top app stores in the market that is available for users of Android devices. Using the Blackmart Alpha, you can download various applications without the requirement of an existing Google account which is a mandatory feature for using the Google Play Store. Moreover, you would also not need to undergo any registration process to use the Blackmart Alpha.

Blackmart/Blackmarket Alpha Review – is it illegal?

The Blackmart Alpha is also known as the Blackmarket Alpha. Like the Google Play Store, this is one of the best third-party applications, using which you can download almost any number of apps without paying any dime. You can get access to an amazing range of premium apps without the need for an existing Google account or even having to go through a sign in process.

Black Market App Review

The major advantage of using the Blackmart Alpha on your Android phone or tablet is that there will be no shortage of applications to select from. Blackmart Alpha APK has confirmed its spot as a viable substitute to the Google Play Store and also it does not confine users to free trial versions of apps. App developers on the Google Play Store offer limited access on certain apps, which prevent users of certain phones or geographical locations, restricted access to those apps. In Google App Store, There are so many apps which are either country geo-location restricted or having access to some certain versions of Android phones or some sort of free trials in few apps but all such type of restrictions are removed when it comes to the Blackmart Alpha.

Let us take a quick look at all the features that Blackmart Alpha offers:

BlackMart Alpha Features:

  • You can easily find a wider range of all Android apps on Blackmart Alpha than on Google Play Store
  • You can also download thousands of premium applications
  • You just need to follow few simple and easy steps to quickly install this Blackmarket App.
  • Blackmart Alpha supports all versions of the Android operating system.
  • It comes with a very user-friendly interface
  • No Restriction on the number of downloads app in Blackmarket App.
  • No Sign In Process Required.
  • It is not mandatory to have a Google account to download and use Blackmart Apk.
  • Custom Search Option with an extremely intuitive interface that is extremely user-friendly too.

Whatever it is! Either it’s Google App Store or Apple Play Store, Everythings comes with some pros and cons. Let’s have a look at merits and demerits of Blackmart apk. We have already told you about features of Blackmart.

Cons of Blackmarket Apk:

  • As it is an alternative to Google Play store, you cannot directly install Blackmart from Google Play store. Moreover, it is against the Google Play Store’s terms and services.
  • This app store contains copied versions, so you may not get the exact features that are available in the original application
  • Often the email or activation keys do not function properly for pirated versions of apps.
  • Blackmart Alpha app store does not work well for applications related to stock markets and URL scanners, which deal with real-time data.
  • Compatibility issues might occur with certain apps downloaded from this app store.
  • Chances of downloading malicious content is high.

Now, in the light of the last point, it is but natural for you to wonder whether it is really safe and secure to go ahead and use this app store on your Android phone.

You can very well question how safe it is to use the Blackmart Alpha or if it is a legal platform?

Well yes, discussions have been carried out wide and far about the security aspects of this alternative app store and its legal validity too, and users have expressed their concerns about this app store.

Blackmart Alpha Customer Testimonial:

Blackmart Alpha Customer Testimonial

Blackmart Alpha is also offering guide on “How to use Blackmarket App?” but According to Google Play Store customer testimonial, it’s not safe to use at all.

If you have ever downloaded an application from the Google Play Store and used it till its “free trial” expired, then the very thought of downloading the copy of the full version of the same app for free must sound exciting to you! But protecting your Android device from harmful content is always a topper on your list isn’t it? When you use Google Play Store, there is just no need to doubt about security breaches taking place. That does come at a price that you pay by the app purchases that you make, but at least your device remains safeguarded from the evils of phishing, hacking and infected code. Then how does the Blackmart Alpha offer premium apps for free; to be precise, in exchange of what? Many users have expressed concerns saying that it could be the users’ data like personal information.  

Though there are no clear answers available as yet, but the cloud of uncertainty does remain!

Those who have downloaded this alternative app store on their devices agree that Blackmart Alpha contains hacked applications which are infected with virus and malware, although it is difficult to point out which applications are malicious. It is quite natural that Android users would never like to risk their own data as well as their devices.

Also, the feature of Blackmart Alpha app store that allows you to download all those paid apps at zero cost is certainly nothing but piracy! Even though the users may not face any legal action but many do feel that it is morally wrong to support piracy of any kind.

Moreover, there are many apps available in Blackmart Alpha store, which are older versions and do not function properly, so compatibility problems might occur. Now the question arise “What is alternative of Blackmart Alpha App?” – Do we need to purchase apps from Google play store?

Here you will get the answer of topic in my next article: Blackmart Alpha App Alternative

How to download Blackmart Alpha APK?

If you still want to download Blackmart Alpha Apk for your iOS, PC, or nougat, please stay tuned and check out our next blogpost: Download Blackmart Alpha APK


Blackmart Alpha has gained considerable popularity among gaming fanatics who download premium games for free to play it on their Android devices. This is something that they could not have done, had they solely relied on the Google Play Store. Blackmart Alpha app store offers them easy access to pirated versions of the same game applications, but free of cost and without any registration process. But all said and done, we suggest that all users of the Android platform must prioritize before they rush to download the Blackmart Alpha app store just because it offers unlimited free download of otherwise paid apps.

After all, being informed about the potential hazards, is advisable than unknowingly exposing oneself to the detrimental effects such as getting your phone hacked by unscrupulous people or exposing your device to adware and malware or phishing.

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