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Winamp A Complete Media Player

In the world of technology, music is a great source of entertainment. Either you are watching movies or listening songs, the music quality can be a game changer for you. If you have good audio quality your experience can be very good and vice versa. The music quality also depends upon the music player software you are using. Presently there are variety of media player available in the market for PC and mobile phones. You should select appropriate media player for yourself that can provide you music experience. Here in this article, we will discuss about Winamp media player.

Winamp Media Player – About

Winamp Media player was initially launched in year 1997 particularly for Windows and MAC PCs, as time passes the developers added more and more features in it and keep making all the improvements required in the media player to provide better quality to the users.  Winamp was developed by Nullsoft and later they sold it to to AOL. Winamp is different from other media players and offer great features that are not offered by other media players. Below we have mentioned all its features.

Winamp Media Player

Winamp Media Player – Features

  • Skins and Plugins: Winamp has different type of skins available in the market. Presently there are 5 version of Winamp available in the market that you can use with Winamp Media Player. There are more than 5 skins and different types of plugins available to use with Winamp.
  • Light in Size: The Winamp media player is light in size. It needs around 16 MB space in your device and runs without any time lag. Along with this, it runs smooth and fluently with other apps without any problem.
  • Easy to Use interface: Winamp Media player have easy to use interface and one can understand all the options without any problem.
  • Uniform to use:  The best thing is its availability to use with all the devices, one can use the Winamp Media player across any platform.

Winamp Media Player – Download and Install

Winamp is available for Windows IOS and Android as well. Below we have mentioned the download and installation process for all platforms.

Winamp Media Player Installation – Android:

There are 2 ways to download Winamp Media player for android. One is to download and install it from its official website and another one is to install the same from play store.

Winamp Media Player – Google play store:

To download and install the app from google play store, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Open the google play store in your android device
  • Now you need to search for Winamp Media Player
  • You will get the results that contain Winamp and other media players similar to Winamp
  • Now you need to click on Winamp Media Player
  • Select Install option and wait for few minutes
  • The file will get downloaded and installed in your device.

Winamp Media Player – Official Website

Another method is to download and install the app from its official website. Below we have mentioned that method as well:

  • Firstly, you need to open the official website of Winamp Media player
  • Now you need to download the desired version of Winamp Media player in your device
  • Now after that you need to visit the settings > Security > Enable third party installation in your mobile phone.
  • Now you need to tap on file manager and open the download section, In the download section tap on Winamp Media Player Apk File
  • Select Install option from it
  • Once you click on install button.
  • The file will get installed in it.

Winamp Media Player – PC Download and Installation

Here you can check how to download and install the winamp media player for your PC. You need to follow the steps given here to download and install the same:

  • Open google or any other search engine and search  “Winamp Media Player for PC
  • You will get a list of results here where you need to open the official website of Winamp Media Player
  • Select the desired version of Winamp Media Player and download it in your PC
  • The file has an approximate size of 16 MB and will take few seconds to get the download in your PC
  • Open Download folder of your mobile and select the Winamp Media Player
  • Open the Winamp Media Player and select the install option
  • Wait for few minutes and file will get installed in your device.

Final Words on Winamp Media Player

Winamp Media Player is one of the most famous and used media player among all the music and media players available to use in the market. Here in this article, we have mentioned all the benefits and features to use Winamp Media Player, if you have some queries or particular media player you want to know, Please let us know in the comment box given below and our team will surely help you with that.

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