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OneSec App Review 2024: Does It Really Help Fight Phone Addiction?

Most “phone addiction” apps are a waste of time.

They track your screen usage but don’t actually change your behavior. The OneSec App claims to be different.

They say it can help you break the cycle of mindless scrolling. I put it to the test, and here’s my honest verdict on whether it delivers…

What is the OneSec App?

The OneSec App is a mobile application made to help you spend less time on social media. The app works by making you stop and take a breath before you can open an app which usually takes a lot of your time. This pause helps you think about if you want to use that app.

OneSec is built on the idea that there’s a pattern to how we get hooked on apps: something makes us want to open the app, we open it to feel better, and we get stuck in that loop. OneSec tries to break this pattern by adding that moment to pause and think.

Core Features of OneSec App

Here’s a list of features OneSec has to offer:

  1. Pause Feature: This is the key part of OneSec. When you start to open an app that you spend a lot of time on, OneSec makes you stop. It asks you to take a deep breath in and out before you can open the app. This pause gives you a moment to ask yourself if you really want to open that app.
  2. App Usage Tracker: OneSec tracks how much time you spend on different apps. It shows you how many times you opened an app and how long you used it. This can help you understand your app usage habits.
  3. Focus Mode: This mode lets you spend time without any disturbances. In this mode, OneSec will block notifications from certain apps, allowing you to focus on your work or relaxation.
  4. Customizable: OneSec lets you decide which apps you want it to control. You can choose the apps that you find most distracting.
  5. Scientifically-based: The app uses researched methods from behavioral science to help you change your habits. It does this by breaking the habit cycle at the action stage. By making you pause and take a deep breath before opening apps, OneSec gives you a chance to stop your habit cycle.

Remember, to get the most from the app, you should use it daily. Over time, it can help you improve your focus and control over when and how much you use your apps.

How OneSec App Work?

onesec app
onesec app

The OneSec App works in some simple steps to help you use your phone less, especially for apps that you spend too much time on, like social media. Here’s how it does it:

  1. Choose Your Apps: First, you pick the apps that you find too distracting or that you want to cut down on using. These can be apps like Facebook, Instagram, or any other apps you spend a lot of time on.
  2. Pause and Think: Whenever you try to open any of the apps you picked, OneSec steps in. It doesn’t open the app right away. Instead, it shows you a screen that asks you to take a moment. This screen encourages you to take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.
  3. Decide: After you’ve taken that deep breath, OneSec asks if you still want to open the app. This pause gives you a chance to think about if you really need to use the app right now. It helps break the automatic habit of opening an app without thinking.
  4. Track Your Progress: OneSec also keeps track of how many times you try to open the apps and how often you decide not to. This helps you see how your habits are changing over time. You can look at this data to understand your app usage better and make changes if you need to.
  5. Custom Settings: You can change how OneSec works for you. For example, you can set it to always ask you to pause before opening certain apps or to only do this at specific times of the day. It’s very flexible and meant to fit your needs.

Pros and Cons of Using OneSec App

Using the OneSec App can have several benefits (pros) as well as some downsides (cons). Here they are in simple terms:


  1. Helps Reduce Screen Time: You get help to cut down on how much time you spend on your phone, especially on social media apps.
  2. Makes You Think: The app makes you stop and think before you open another app, so you’re less likely to just scroll without a reason.
  3. Tracks Your Habits: It keeps a record of how much you use your apps, so you can see if you’re using them less over time.
  4. Customizable: You can choose which apps OneSec works with and change the settings to what you want.
  5. Supports Better Habits: The app is designed to help you build better habits when using your phone.


  1. Annoying for Some: Having to stop and take a breath every time can be annoying, especially if you’re sure you want to use the app.
  2. Not for Every App: It might not work with every single app you have, especially if some are built to avoid these pauses.
  3. Self-Control Needed: The app asks if you want to proceed, but in the end, it’s up to you to say no. If you don’t have much self-control, this might not be enough to stop you.
  4. Battery Usage: Like any app, OneSec will use some of your phone’s battery. If you’re already struggling with battery life, this might be a consideration.
  5. Not a Quick Fix: Changing habits takes time, and some people might expect quick results and thus get frustrated with the app.

Does OneSec App Really Help Fight Phone Addiction?

Yes, OneSec can really help fight phone addiction, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a magic fix. It’s another tool that can assist you, but in the end, the real change has to come from you.

What OneSec does well is make you stop and think before you open an app. This pause helps you become more aware of how often you’re reaching for your phone. It shows you how often you’re doing it out of habit, not really because you want to or need to.

However, OneSec can’t decide for you. Every time it asks if you still want to open the app, you have to make the choice. If you still say yes every time, then you’ll still end up using your phone as much as before.

So, it’s not just about using OneSec, it’s also about using it in the right way. When you see that pause screen, it’s time to ask yourself: do I really need to use this app right now? What else could I do instead?

If you do this, over time, you should find that you’re using your phone less without even thinking about it. That’s when you’ll know that OneSec, and your hard work, are helping you fight phone addiction. And remember, every small change counts!

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