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The debate is around the corners that the rising attachment of teens with the social media is damaging their health. According to a number of studies and a lot of surveys, it has been devised that teens’ social attachment is damaging teens’ sleeping patterns and this sleep deprivation leads them to the stage of depression and anxiety. This means that the trend does affect their physical health only, but disturbs them mentally too.

After reading this, you might have a number of questions in your mind that how can social media be this much dangerous and how does it affect teens. So for you, here is how it works:

Teens’ Social Media Attachment Disturbs Their Sleep Behavior due to Depression

The growing organism of adolescents needs to sleep eight or nine hours a day. But during the week, more than half of young people sleep less than necessary: they give their sleep hours to their tech devices spending time to scroll social media accounts. This affects their state of mind, their school performance and may even deteriorate their health.

Knowing all these facts, is there anything that we are doing to save our kids? Probably nothing. Yes, on the government level, there are a lot of effort and campaigns going on but what are we doing on a personal level?

Social Media and Depression:

Being a parent, anyone should worry about excessive usage of smartphone and even, I have covered few key points like how people start feeling stressful, unhappiness, lonely, weird and even, how they choose to suicide in my recent topic Mental Health Crisis in Young Generation due to smartphones.

If you too are ignorant like many other parents, let me tell you that you as a parent can save your kids from social media addiction and let your kids sleep better using the limit screen time app such as FamilyTime that help parents in a number of ways including:

Limit Screen Time App Features:

  • Checking all installed apps with their related details
  • Checking app usage frequency to see how long do their kids use an app that is installed on their phone
  • Viewing browsing history and saved links
  • Check phone usage, along with the consumption details
  • Assign kids specific minutes or hours of screen time  not only in generic aspect, but also related to particular applications too.
  • Block addictive apps and games to hinder the use
  • Help kids supervise their own screen time assigned to them from FamilyTime TimeBank
  • Put auto screen locks on kids’ device to restrict the usage in the odd hour so they can sleep better rather than using their phone
  • Put remote screen locks from a distance to snub device usage instantly, without any delay if they are found using the devices in the dark!

And this is not all about FamilyTime features. In fact, there is much more that parents can do having this incredible application in hand. Do you wish to see what exactly and how does this app help parents fight sleep deprivation of their kids? Give FamilyTime app a free try. You can have the trial version of this application on your phone simply by visiting the app store on your phone.

Even if you use Google Map or any other navigational app, then it disables your GPS brain. How? Here is the answer:

If Google navigational app could disable the gps of your brain, then you can think of adverse effect on teen’s sleep after using social media so I recommend you to try a free FamilyTime App which will give you control of your teen’s social media activities.

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