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All You Need to Know about 25PP App Store | Guide to Download & Install for iOS

25PP is an app store for iOS users. It is a Chinese app store which was developed by the Chinese iOS hacking community. It is considered to be the best alternative for the Apple app store. You can find many iOS apps in this app stores. Games, themes and many apps which cost money are completely free in this app store. 25PP can be easily downloaded on all Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. You don’t have to spend money on iTunes or on the Apple app store after installing 25PP. The app store is known by other names too including PP, PP25 App, PP25 Jailbreaking and PP25 Jailbreak. This article will provide you with information regarding the app store, its main features and give you a fair review of it.

Key Features of the 25PP App Store

  1. You can remove the restrictions on your iOS device using the 25PP app store which allows you to install any third-party app from the 25PP app store.
  2. The 25PP app store’s user interface is extremely simple and easy to use.
  3. Thousands of apps, games, and themes are completely free on the 25PP app store including certain apps which have to be bought at the Apple Play Store.
  4. Premium-tweaked applications are available on 25PP which are currently not available on other similar app distribution platforms.
  5. 25PP has the feature of sharing paid apps with your family and friends. This is a feature that is not allowed in other app stores.

Is 25PP Safe to Download?

25PP has a lot of amazing features but you may be concerned as to whether downloading apps or other things like games and themes from this platform are safe or not. Your phone’s security is of utmost importance so this is a very legitimate worry which cannot be ignored.

25PP is completely safe to use. However, certain users claim that using 25PP has various problems. It has been claimed that it is a pirated app store and a number of apps on it have been known to steal personal data of the users like contact information, usernames as well as passwords. Some apps have even been known to steal personal files from your device.

How can you Download and Install 25PP on your iOS devices?

For iPhone and iPad:

Go to which takes you to a page in Mandarin.

  1. Click on the green colored button.
  2. Click on the install button which is the only button visible to you.
  3. After installation is complete a 25PP icon will be visible on the springboard. You will have to change certain settings to use the app store.
  4. Go to Settings –> General –> Device Management and then check the option Beijing Huifeng Xingye Technology Co. Ltd. which is a trustworthy developer.
  5. Click on the 25PP icon and then click on the blue button followed by the Install button.
  6. Two icons will be visible. Click on the second icon which launches 25PP and then click on the wide green button to install.
  7. A third 25PP icon will be visible. Click on it to start using the app store.

For Windows:

  1. Go to which is their homepage.
  2. Translate the page from Mandarin to the language of your choice.
  3. Click on the install or the download button.
  4. Follow the common installation procedure after the file has downloaded.

25PP app store is not available for Apple Mac devices.

Final Thoughts

25PP app store is an amazing alternative to the Apple app store for iOS users. You can get apps and games for free for which you would have had to pay if you had downloaded them from the Apple app store. One of the cons of 25PP is that the installation process is very complex and takes a lot of time. Although the interface is user-friendly another con is that there is no official version of 25PP in English and this language barrier poses a problem. The translated versions are available on Cydia or on Google.

25PP, according to a source on Reddit, is an installer built and localized in China. It comes with a few repos whose legality is questionable because intellectual property does not have much value in China. It promotes a bad image on jailbreaking as well as on that community. Many users have claimed that most of the apps cause instability, boot loop, losing jailbreak and problems while upgrading iOS.

We sincerely hope you like this information regarding the 25PP app store as well as find it useful. Be sure to share your feedback with us and share this content with your family and friends. You can comment below in the comment section if you have any queries or questions regarding 25PP.  

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