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9Apps App Store Features which You Might Not Heard or Used Yet | Review #App

9Apps is an up and coming mobile application store which is available for Android devices. Apps can be downloaded and updated from 9Apps. The app store boasts a whopping 260 million monthly active users as well as 20 million daily downloads. It has a very strong presence in many countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, South-East Asia as well as in the Middle East. Various other features are also offered on 9Apps which makes it even more worthwhile.

9Apps App Review

Over the last few years, 9Apps has shown tremendous growth.  It has become one of the most widely used app distribution platforms for Android users. Why? Let’s have a look on key features of 9apps app store with some special tweaks.

Key Features of the 9Apps App Store

  1. The user interface is very handy.
  2. The app is all of 3MB so it does not use up your phone memory.
  3. Download speed is very high.
  4. The options for uninstalling apps as well as file manager are inbuilt.
  5. You can choose to delete .apk files after they have been installed.
  6. 9Apps checks your phone’s memory and SD card’s memory before downloading an app.
  7. You can update your apps by one touch only.
  8. Compatible with Android version onwards.
  9. 14 languages are available.
  10. Supports all operating systems.
  11. The response time is very fast.
  12. The apps recommended to you are much better.

Special Features of the 9Apps App Store

  1. Huge collection of apps: When you download 9Apps you have access to over 10 million apps which you can download from their store instantly. There are various categories from where you can download these apps. You can also view the most popular as well as the most downloaded apps. You can also find apps according to their genres which include categories like sports, news, movies, and entertainment.
  2. Entertainment: With 9Apps you will not only get apps but also many other things like music and videos. 9Apps categorizes music and videos under the fun zone. You can access a huge library of songs, thousands of wallpapers, ringtones, and movies and videos.
  3. Coupons: 9Apps offers discount coupons for many e-commerce sites as well as for online food ordering websites. 
  4. Price Comparisons: Using 9Apps, you can compare the prices of products from all the top e-commerce sites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra and Jabong. The most amazing part is that you will not need to download a separate app for this. As soon as you are on a particular product page on any of the e-commerce apps you will get a pop which will contain the price of the same object on other e-commerce apps.
  5. Updates are Much Faster: 9Apps processes an update within 4 hours so updates are available at least 3 to 4 days prior to it being available on the Google Play Store which takes about one week to process the same.
  6. Compression of Data: 9Apps’ data compression technology is highly advanced so it reduces data usage on your mobile and which in turn lowers your monthly phone bill.
  7. If you download the Amazon app from 9Apps you get an instant cash back of Rs.50 which gets added to your Amazon Pay Balance.

How can you download 9Apps?

You will have to visit You can download 9Apps from there on your mobile phone. You will also have to download the supporting installer to avail the coupons and the price comparison features.

See More: Is 9Apps Safe to Download?Here, you will get the step by step guide to download 9Apps on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices. It doesn’t matter whether you have a smartphone, iPad, iPhone or Blackberry, you could use 9Apps on any device.


Final Thoughts

9Apps is not just an app buying platform. It is a lot more than that. You enjoy a lot of benefits which are not available in other app stores like the Fun Zone, coupons and price comparisons. The best part about the app store is that even though it provides so many services it is extremely lightweight –less than 3MB which is incredible. The fact that it supports all platforms is also an amazing feature. However, the issues regarding certain apps have to be kept in mind.

We sincerely hope you like this information regarding the 9Apps app store as well as find it useful. Be sure to share your feedback with us and share this content with your family and friends. You can comment below if you have any query or question regarding 9Apps.

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