Getting Bored With WhatsApp!! Enjoy All New Features Of GB WhatsApp

Smartphones are the basic need of today. Daily tons of smartphones launch with specific features. With the availability of smartphones, there are also lots of apps to be used. Among them, WhatsApp is a very popular app for communicating your loved ones. Ex-employees of Yahoo has found it. It is the most commonly used medium of conversation of today. You can assume its popularity by this factor that it has 100 Million users all over the world. Recently its new version has come in the market named, GB WhatsApp.

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GB Whatsapp is attributed with numerous amazing features. Its most noticeable feature is that you can run two WhatsApp accounts on the single device. If you want to unlock the hidden features of WhatsApp then you must try this. GB WhatsApp has lots of themes which makes it more attractive. In this version, you can disable calls for a particular person. GB WhatsApp is too easy to install and you can use it on rooted and non-rooted devices. Definitely, I can say, after using it you will feel much better than old WhatsApp.

Features of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is the modified version of genuine WhatsApp and it permits you to enjoy plenty of features. I also shocked when I observed the features of the new WhatsApp, really unbeatable and will create a much better experience. Before diving in the magic of GB WhatsApp take a sight below to be aware of its specialties:


DND means do not disturb. When we play online games or sleep at night, meanwhile WhatsApp notifications always bother us. Many times I become so frustrated that I have to turn off the internet. WhatsApp DND mod will fix all these problems. After turning DND MOD, it shows others that you turned off your internet but in reality, you would use the internet. WhatsApp will not gobble your data. you will find this feature on the main screen of chat along with the 3 dots of setting.

Privacy Policy

GB WhatsApp provides you better privacy than the old one. This feature is one of the most favorable features and also the reason to adopt GB WhatsApp. You will get various options to hide from other users. Now leave the tension while online late nights because it camouflages your online status and you can see the last seen of others. After turning off your online status it will show your last seen only. You can also hide Bluetick, Double tick, status seen, typing status, recording status.

Read Invalidate Messages

Another salient feature of GB WhatsApp is anti revoke features. Just go to your settings and enable this feature and after that, you can read all deleted messages. But there is a condition in it that you have to enable this feature when your friend pass you a message and he/she canceled. You can see all the future deleted messages.

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Custom Chat

We all have many WhatsApp contacts who are not of our use. With custom chat, you can easily filter that people from your WhatsApp. Only a few people are aware of this feature. You can filter your users in two ways, Privacy and notification. You can use custom notification option or privacy policy for a specific contact and hide online status, bluetick, double tick, typing status, view status, and anti revoke.

You have to go to the chat menu for that person you want to strain. After tapping on that person name you will get two options Notification and Privacy, choose your desired one.

Message Scheduler

Wanna send your best wishes to your loved one at a particular time then this feature great for you. Many times this happened to me that I wanted to convey my wishes to my best friend on her birthday exact 12 A.M but I slept. Now it is so easy, select date time and message and the contact you want to convey and ta-da. You will get this option on the chat screen on the top right corner. Here are 3 dots and when you will tap on it you will see this option.

Transmit a message to numerous groups

If you have such kind of message to which you want to broadcast to each group and contact then this feature will permit you to do so. GB WhatsApp allows you to transmit a message to up to 253 groups. If you are the active member of a large number of groups then it is a handy tool to promote anything you want.

Send Immense Videos

Imagine you made a video of your kids which is huge in size and you want to send it to your In-laws, what will you do? GB WhatsApp allows you to send larger files to your loved ones without any disturbance. The old version of WhatsApp allows you to send 16 MB video but GB WhatsApp enables you to send 50 MB videos. There is a Media sharing Mod and you can modify upload limit size here.

Sending any types of files

The old version of WhatsApp allows you to send only a few types of files but this empowers you to convey every type of files such as Zip files, Compressed files and APK files.

Upload status in rich quality

When you add images in your story and status and it is not of actual quality, really disappointing. GB WhatsApp allows you to upload your stories and status with original quality because it gives you larger size limit for uploading images as comparatively old WhatsApp. To activate this feature just go to Media Sharing Mod.

Lok a specific chat

If you ever faced the situation when you gave your phone to a family member to read jokes but suddenly he/she started to observe your private chat. Now you can freely give your phone without hesitation as GB WhatsApp allows you to lock a particular chat with a password. I love this feature of this app.

Modify GB WhatsApp Fonts

Really this is a unique feature. We feel bored when we have to type with the same fonts but in GB WhatsApp you can change fonts according to your taste. There are two types of fonts in English and Arabic.

Change Themes

Change is the law of nature and this also applied to human nature. We get bored with the same kind of things. GB Whatsapp provides you with a huge variety of themes. There are lots of inbuilt themes and you can also make your own.

Other Features

Above are the main features of GB WhatsApp but some more features are available in it. These are given below:

  • Launcher
  • Tick manner
  • Conceal notifications
  • Notify bar icon
  • Show date and time
  • Disable Voice Calls
  • GIF Provider
  • Language option

How to download GB WhatsApp for your Android device

Take a look below and observe the installation process of GB Whats App:

  • Go to setting in your smart phone and click security button then enable unknown source
  • Then download and install GB WhatsApp APK.
  • After opening app enter your phone number
  • Then it will send you a OTP for confirmation
  • You have to enter OTP and submit
  • Finally enjoy the all new look of WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is ready to occupy its place in your smartphone because of its multiple amazing features. Go ahead and give a try to new WhatsApp.You can also read out the best alternatives. I think the above description is enough to understand why should replace the old one with new. Guys, if you have any query regarding it then comment below.




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