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Sudoku Solving Techniques When You Are Stuck | Works 100%

If you are a logic and number freak like me then crawling the internet for Sudoku solving techniques is a hobby. This is one of those games that actually make you question your intelligence and so many times I have wanted to pull my hair right out.

I suppose that is the beauty of Sudoku. And you have landed on the right page to know the top Sudoku solving techniques crawling the internet.

So, what is Sudoku?

That is a puzzle in which each player inputs the digit one to nine squares. With a subdivision into more nine smaller squares in a way that in a horizontal line, every number shows up once, vertical line, and square.

The objective for you in Sudoku is to fill a 9×9 grid with integers in each column, each row, and all of the nine 3×3 grids that are part of the larger 9×9 grid containing all of the digits from 1 to 9.

None puzzle fans may already be off this game. But, anyway, this is a game that really gets to your brain.

So, without further delay;

My Top Sudoku Solving Techniques

The Swordfish

This is a very complicated technique and one of the hardest Sudoku solving techniques available. The swordfish shares similarities to the x-wing technique, but in a far more expanded way. Having three rows and columns instead of two. If lines are drawn with the columns and rows. In turn, connecting the square, they end up shaping two rectangles.

You will find a swordfish when for three rows, you have three or two potential squares in which you can place a specific integer. In such a situation, this specific integer can be terminated as a possibility of the rest of the squares of the three columns.

You can exchange rows and columns too.

The above image shows a half solved Sudoku. There are no more squares to be filled and solved. To see a decent chance of seeing the swordfish you would have to input pencil marks as shown in the image below.

The red marks are to show you that you have two potential squares in which you can place 3, in the fourth and third column. And three other potential squares in column seven. Evidently, all the possible squares are in three rows.

SO, you have on each intersecting row. the 3 should be inserted on one of the highlighted columns. The below picture will show you where so you can eliminate 3 from the other unsolved squares.

This will remove the 7, and leave you one pencil mark, that even in the last square. Now, you can solve it for it to be a 4.

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Always Scan Rows and Columns to Fill in the Biggest Squares

This is actually a biblical rule for Sudoku solving techniques. With the combination of this one and the understanding of the Swordfish, it is quite unlikely you will want to pull your hair out at the end of Sudoku.

You need to look at a row of 3 big squares and that even for an integer that is repeated twice. You would have to swim your fingers through the rows that have that integer. The 3rd large square should hold it. It should be the third row and not the 1st and 2nd one.

Sudoku Solving Techniques EndNote

I have tried to pitch you the two most successful ways of solving Sudoku, that has also helped me. If you have more ways in mind, feel free to share your techniques too in the comment section.

Would love to find out more!

Till then….. Best of luck!

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