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Top 10 Car Technology You Should Have in Future Car

We have been really thankful for several car technologies that makes driving a better experience such as heated and automated seats, keyless entry, car navigation and entertainment system, and more. But those are just the beginning. New car technologies have been developed and some of them are currently under testing for mass production and with even more advanced features, it will really change how we commute with our car in the future. Let’s take a look on Top 10 car technology advancement you should have on your future car:

Top 10 Car Technology You Won’t like to Miss!

Here I would list down the best most advanced technology features available in future car

  1. Autonomous Vehicle  

It is very easy to notice that autonomous vehicle is the hottest topic in automotive these days. There’s a vision that an AI system can be installed in to a vehicle to turn it into autonomously driving vehicle. Actually, this technology has been under development since few decades ago. Some companies or research organizations have been testing its prototype of autonomous vehicle even conducting road tests. However, it still requires few years ahead before the technology is mature enough to build and launch a fully autonomous vehicle.

  1. Driver Override System

It is a quite similar with autonomous driving but this one is more intended as safety precautions. The car computer system can actively override driver’s command when the system find it dangerous. Like the car system will apply the brake when the speed is too high even when the driver still hit the pedal. Advanced sensors will replace your driving skill.

  1. Biometric Access

Yes, it follows the smartphone industry. Biometric sensor is proven to be more secure and when it is applied to car access and security system, that means you only need fingerprint (or maybe retina scan) to unlock the vehicle door. That’s going to be a giant leap from key lock or keyless entry system and definitely among Top 10 car technology you should have on your future car. Even in travel world, Biometric have it’s own place and there are so many advanced technology features exist in travel world too.

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  1. Fully Comprehensive Tracking System

Vehicle tracking technology is already widely applied but the next generation of tracing system is even more advanced. This technology will fully track not only driving mileage but also driver’s behavior. This technology is mostly required by insurance companies allowing to offer rate based on mileage and driver’s behavior.

Did you ever heard about Auto Recognition Argumented reality app? These apps help you to recognize the model and year of the car quickly. Isn’t it awesome?

  1. Active Windows Display

Thinking about driving with Head-Up Display (HUD) like those fighter pilots? The active windows display will even offer better experience. This technology will allow car window to display HD image for vehicle features, navigation, and entertainment control.  That’s surely one of Top 10 car technology you should have on your future car.

  1. Remote Vehicle Shutdown

Shutting down vehicle remotely will add better security. You can make sure the vehicle shutting down when it is stolen or used without your permit. This technology is already available today although the application is still limited.

  1. In-Car Health Monitoring System

It seems like smartphone connected fitness band is still not enough, future car will have active system to monitor your health. The sensors on seatbelt and steering wheel will monitor vital signs even gives warning in case serious condition happens.

  1. Four Cylinder Engine for Supercar

For high performance engine, usually the more cylinders the bigger power it can produces. Thanks to new materials with lighter weight and evolution in engine technology, future supercar will no longer need V6 or V8 engine. We can expect supercar with V4 engine will be launched not longer than 2020.

  1. Smarter In-Car Marketing

In 2020, most cars are expected to be connected to internet and combined with tracking system, it offers valuable resources to marketers to personalized marketing messages to you. It can be sent to your smartphone or even directly to car display system.

  1. Reconfigurable Body Panels

This going to be far more advanced than convertible roof system. Lighter weight body panels combined with advanced motors allows the panels to be reconfigure to your preferred setting. One important feature from Top 10 car technology you should have on your future car.

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