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List 10 Apps Like Wonolo to Find Steady, Flexible Work

If you’re looking for a flexible job, chances are you’ve already heard of Wonolo.

The app that connects people with hourly jobs has been around for years, but it’s still one of the best places to find short-term employment.

Should you find yourself seeking a fresh alternative to the platform, I have compiled a list of 10 noteworthy Wonolo alternatives for your consideration.


Fiverr is a website that allows you to sell services for $5. You can sell anything on Fiverr, from logo design to website development. The site has over 1 million users and over 100,000 active freelancers who have completed tasks in various industries, from marketing to programming to writing.

As an example of how flexible this platform can be, one seller offers “30 seconds of unboxing sounds.” For $5 per video (and up), they’ll record themselves taking something out of its packaging and talking about it for 30 seconds or less, a service that could be useful if your company needs someone who knows how their products are packaged or sell them directly through YouTube ads!


TaskRabbit is a marketplace where you can find local people to help you with your projects. You can hire Taskers for tasks like moving, cleaning, and handyman work. The app also allows users to hire Taskers for errands like grocery shopping or even running errands for others.

TaskRabbit was founded in 2008 and has since grown into one of America’s largest gig economy companies, with over 1 million users and more than 100 employees worldwide. The company has raised over $60 million from investors, including NEA (New Enterprise Associates), Matrix Partners India, and First Round Capital LLC.


Postmates is an app that allows you to deliver food and other items to people on demand. It’s a great way to make money on the side, especially if you have a car or bike and extra time in your day.

Postmates allows users to sign up as delivery partner (contract employee) who gets paid per delivery.

They make $1-$3 per mile driven based on distance traveled plus $0.50 per minute waiting time while at the location of the delivery recipient.

In addition to earning money on your schedule, Postmates also offers weekly bonuses based on customer satisfaction ratings. So users like yourself to get paid well and rewarded when performing well!


MTurk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. It’s owned by Amazon and designed to help people make money online in their spare time.

So what does it do? MTurk is like Wonolo in that it allows you to find short-term, flexible work. But unlike Wonolo, you don’t need any experience or qualifications before joining as an “MTurker.” The site claims over 500 million tasks are available on its platform at any given time!


Instawork logo

Instawork is a great app to find work, especially if you’re looking for a steady job that fits your schedule. You can choose between full-time, part-time, and on-demand jobs in various industries, including retail and hospitality. Instawork also offers hourly pay rates of up to $22 per hour in certain areas of the country!

You can use Instawork to earn money right where you live, as they have jobs all over the United States (and even some international locations).


GigSmart is a mobile app that connects you with local businesses and helps you find work. The app has partnered with over 1,500 businesses nationwide and is currently available in over 50 cities.

GigSmart works like this: You sign up for an account and create a profile including your skills and experience, then add any info about the type of work you’re looking for (i.e., part-time or full-time).

From there, companies can search through potential candidates who match their needs by filtering out all but those with specific qualifications (for example, only those with experience as a truck driver).

If there’s a good fit between employer and employee, and both parties agree on terms, they can set up an interview through the app!


JobStack is a mobile app that allows you to find work and work for yourself. It’s a marketplace for on-demand work where you can find gigs in your area or post them if you’re an employer looking for help with yard maintenance or house cleaning.

The app also has features that allow users to browse through jobs based on category (like “gig” or “job”) or location, so it can be useful even if you don’t have experience as an employee but still want some extra cash from time to time.


If you’re looking for a job that lets you work when and where it’s most convenient, Jitjatjo might be the right fit. It’s easy to sign up and start earning money immediately as you don’t have to apply or wait until someone approves your application. In addition, you can do things like data entry, customer service, writing, etc.

The site pays out via PayPal every Friday if you’ve earned $5 or more during the week (or every Monday if your earnings hit $10).

You’ll need at least a high school diploma or GED to apply with this app; however, all applicants are screened before being accepted into their program, so there shouldn’t be any issues getting approved!


Shiftgig is a mobile-first platform that connects businesses with a workforce of independent workers. Shiftgig currently has over 1 million users and serves thousands of businesses nationwide.

The app allows users to browse jobs, submit applications, and schedule interviews directly from their phones. It also provides access to real-time shift notifications, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!


Snagajob is a job search site that connects employers and employees. It’s easy to find jobs in your area, apply for them, and set up alerts, so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

Snagajob has been around since 2000, which means it has a strong reputation as one of the best sites for finding work online. The site boasts over 2 million active users each month who use its services to find jobs across industries ranging from hospitality to healthcare and everything in between!


In summary, if you’re seeking part-time job opportunities that offer flexibility without compromising other commitments, these applications provide an excellent starting point.

Whether you are a student or a parent seeking additional income, these applications are worth considering.

They provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience, making finding opportunities that match your preferences and schedule easy.

So why not explore these Apps Like Wonolo today and take a step towards achieving your financial goals with ease?

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