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Wayback Machine Alternatives: 7 Websites to Retrieve Your Digital Footprints

Wayback Machine Alternatives

Today with access to social media platforms, millions of websites in the palm of your hand, there’s no denying that we live in a digital era.

From important documents, photos to chat history everything is available online. So, down the line, there would be a time when you have to retrieve some part of your digital footprints.

Do you have any idea how to do this?

When I started writing on this blog, I was aware of only one archive website – Wayback Machine.

As a blogger, I use it to check a website’s content history. Similarly, you can use it to check someone’s deleted documents, images, or social media posts.

Now, over the years, I’ve got familiarized with some Wayback Machine Alternatives. This means if you’re unable to find a certain set of data on it, you would have other options where you can look for your digital footprints.

So, going forward in this post, I’ll share the easiest ways to use Wayback Machine & 7 Wayback machine alternative websites.

How to use Wayback Machine?

To use Wayback Machine, you must follow the following steps & look over the website’s history over years in past:

  1. In your web browser, open this official website of Wayback Machine.
  2. Type in the name of the website or its initials in the empty “Enter a URL” field.
  3. Press the “Enter” button
  4. Pick a date & year of your choice.
  5. Now you’ll have dozens of archived versions to browse.
  6. Select any one of them to download the data using its default downloader or external BitDownloader app.

7 Wayback Machine Alternatives is my 1st pick as Wayback Machine Alternatives in this list. This website is perfect for users who prefer to save a website without screenshots.

Even though, as compared to its competitors this website is not that quick to use, covers its biggest CON using its user fast indexing & database processes.

The tool will allow you to search for the history of a website and take a snapshot of any on-demand domain that is preserved for public view. This is excellent for keeping track of a website’s data and visual information, making it an ideal choice for gathering all relevant information about a site.

Features of Archive.Today:

  • Salvage images off a domain
  • Track the site’s changes

Price: It is completely free to use.


Yubnub gives you the most up-to-date information on a website relevant to your company. This site is simple to use and acts as if it’s some sort of search engine. The development and utilization of web page and web service commands are both possible through their functionality.

You might understand how to utilize Yubnub to obtain information about a website after just seeing it. Simply type in the website on the home page and press enter. You will get every information you need right as per your need.

Features of Yubnub:

  • Yubnub aims to provide every business-related information of a website within seconds of performing live-action.
  • Simple and easy to use the tool.
  • It works like a search engine.

Price: Free to Use


iTools is a website analyzer that not only maintains a website repository, but also offers information about a site such as a contact information, traffic statistics, Alexa rating, and reputation.

The iTools is a web-based tool that includes all of the common website analytics information. When you visit a website’s home page on iTools, you might get confused with all its complex UI. However, despite all this, I can bet on one thing – You would fall in love with it.

Features of iTools:

  • iTools can keep websites archived.
  • iTools can easily analyze your website or your competitors’ website
  • It provides an added benefit in the form of displaying the Alexa database on its app.

Price: Free

Time Travel

TimeTravel is a Time Traveling web application that is built on the API and may be used as an improved internet archive product. It provides a user-friendly interface.

It’s like using a time machine to go back in time & retrieve the past databases.

The best thing to note here is that you can choose any web archive you want and display it on the Here are some of its features that you get along with Time Travel:

Features of Time Travel:

  • When it comes down to finding web pages on Time Travel, it scans the entire server to finish the scan.
  • Time Travel provides a bar chart that displays every tested & missing component using a bar chart.
  • Whenever you request to get the results, this website shows up all results based on the time when you made that particular request.
  • Even though you can use it to search every type of file on web pages, it majorly focuses on text, images, style sheets, and so on.


Webcite is another Wayback Machine alternative that is meant to save web pages permanently.

It’s used by academics, writers, editors, and publishers all over the web to make sure that future students can consult materials and sources that are essential for their education.

Features of Webcite:

  • It’s a CMS that you can use to manage, publish, and archive your web content.
  • It comes with built-in support to files such as HTML, CSS-driven sites, PDF files, and pictures.

Price: Webcite is free to use.


This is another option for retrieving archived web pages. It allows you to access Google Cache, internet archives, and the Coral Content Distribution Network in one place by combining all three services.

CachedView provides a Chrome app that allows you to view the cache folder of a Google Chrome browser and see all of the cache files right at your comfort.

Features of CachedView:

  • Cachedview name gives it away as you can use it to access website archives using internet archives, Google Cache & more.
  • CachedView doesn’t limit you in using Google cache as it provides an alternative option the form of cache.

Price: CacheView is free to use.


Last but not the least, Pagefreeer is another popular Wayback machine alternative website to use in 2021. The Page Freezer and the Wayback Machine have got similar capabilities.

And I believe this capability is one of the reasons behind healthcare industries, hospitality industries, and Government organizations relying on it.

This tool is also helpful if you want to analyze your competitor’s website & compare it with your own.

Features of PageFreezer

  • Data Export
  • Live browsing support
  • Web page compression
  • Digital signature
  • Record online conversion while monitoring the potential risk at the same time.


The 7 Wayback Machine Alternatives listed in this post are enough for you to find your digital footprints available online.

But remember, every archive scrapper mentioned in the list focuses on different aspects of online content.

Some specialize in storing digital footprints in images, web pages, deleted social media posts, & more.

So, based on your requirement, I would recommend you to use only those websites that meet your need. That’s all for now.

If you think any particular website deserves to be on this list of Wayback Machine Alternatives then do let me know in the comments section given below.

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