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#1 Funimate : Sophisticated Video Editor to Have on Phone



Funimate is a sort of social App just like TikTok and Likee application. Become a video star by creating awesome videos and share with your friends and followers.

This app can transform your simple videos taken from your phone into very attractive and creative videos and share them on social sites such as facebook, Instagram and youtube

This video editor has a separate fan base with more than 50 million users and tik tok users actually prefer to create their videos and add music to their movies than any other apps. This video is offered by AVCR Inc.


The current version of this app is and the Andriod version that you need to keep in mind is 5.0 and above, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android. For Apple user iOS 10.0 or later. The releasing of Funimate on August 20, 2016.

Pen Down Your Thoughts

Use your pictures or videos to write down your inner thoughts on them. These days the quotes making very trendy. You can create your own collection of quotes and inspirational thoughts on images from your device or any downloaded picture.

Add some slides on your videos with something written on it. No limit to the images on your device, just select the images that you want them to be in a slide and mark it okay and you good to go.

Freebie Accessing

Funimate doesn’t charge anything for a basic version of it, yes you read it right, this is free to use but with some of the ads and sponsors to be interrupting you in the middle of your editing but I am sure that won’t be a problem as that will be for a very short time.

Switch to Pro

Once you try the free version, you will get an idea about how much you can use your creativity to create beautiful videos. There are more feature in the pro version, yes you have more to explore and make more and more vines and edit videos with $2.99 per week

Very Powerful Features

  • Some free install free music in there
  • Option to add your device music for editing purpose
  • Advance feature of adding text to your slide of videos
  • Merging and Trimming at one place with some additional music to it
  • Create a video slide with your images and pictures from your device
  • Add your favorite music in the background, even on a trimmed clip
  • Custom slider to adjust the timing between your two slides
  • Merge more than two videos
  • Just to make sure your video is perfect, take a look at your edit before share to your followers and friends

Additional Features

It has more than just a tool for video editing. What are the things you can perform with this editor is, you can Add Cool Video Effects, Create Your Own Effects, Add Music to Videos, Add Emoji, Stickers & Text to Videos, Make Collab Videos, Video Merger, Cut & Trim, Edit Short Videos, Make Video Loops, Music Video Community, Share Videos Privately and many more.

Funimate on Apple Store

If you are an IOS user then this is for you, this application is not only supported by android but also by the IOS. Apple store made its top editing application not only in one country but also in more than 100s. Some of the features are below to explore more you can download the Funimate application on your device.

  • TRANSITIONS: Tons of amazing transitions to use in your edits
  • TOUCH MAGIC: Create creative videos by using effect on videos, also some effects are – fireball, hearts, glitters and many more.
  • TEXT MAGIC: Just like in android, you can make effective creation by using text, that would be neon texts to make more eye-catching videos or pictures
  • EFFECT MIX: Adding of musing to your videos with special effects.

Dare to Stand Out With Cool Video Effects

Just not only to edit, merge or trimming is the purpose of Funimate but also to add too many video effects such as raining effect or fire effect on your videos. Well to make it sort, the video effects make your video even more eye-catching.

If you talk about the transition, that is an ultimate game-changer for the video creators. It appears like this is the hardest thing to do, right? Well, Funimate is not that difficult to operate. A very simple interface and easily accessible tools

Funimate Reset Password

There are chances that you forget the password of Funimate, but no worries, just remember the email id that you used while creating the account. If you even forget your password just put the email id and click on forget Password. Go to the linked Gmail account and follow the procedure and enter your new password with ease.

If Funimate Safe For Kids?

Privacy is something that all are worries about, if you are a parent, definitely you would be worried about who is allowed to comment or if somebody is harassing or not, but the rules and guidelines of the Funimate are very strictly against any sort of privacy invasion.

Collabing with a fan is fun but sometimes it turns out somebody trying to bully you, privacy settings are available there. In the monitor by the parent, this application is more fun for kids than anything

Merchandise Products

To make it more fun the app has launched its own t-shirts, this is fun. Especially kids gonna love those merchandise t-shirts, these are available on the official website of Funimate. The t-shirt says the name of the app and the logo on it, same as a tik tok and likee t-shirts.

Bottom Line

This application will give your inner artist a direction and it on you if you can make it something from it. Well create beautiful and creative videos just like in tik tok and likee app. Create a big fan following and also show your video to family and friends and let them know your skills. Wanna share your experience with the Funimate or related applications you have been used for a long time.

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