All You Need to Know about Narendra Modi App


Narendra Modi app is an official app to connect with the Prime Minister of India. It was launched in June 2015. The app serves as the direct connection between a leader and public. We can directly interact with our Hon’ble Prime minister of India by using NaMo app. We get the latest updates and news related to our country fastest on this app.  It even updates us regarding the day-to-day activities of our Prime minister.

This app is designed to fulfill the gap between common people and Hon’ble Prime minister of India. There we can tweet and write suggestions to PM Modi, which are considered by PMO on regular basis. There are many features of this amazing app. One of them is we can listen to the various past series of “Mann ki Baat” by PM Narendra Modi. We can browse it and listen to it as and when required. We can get through his Blog as well as the biography of PM Modi. There is much more to do with NaMo app.

Working of Narendra Modi App

It will amaze you that NaMo app is one of the rarest apps which you can use without submitting your email address and phone number. When we click to install the app it only requires permission to access SMS and Photo gallery of your phone. It is an initiative by the NDA government which connects common man to the Prime minister of India. Now people need not think about how to approach Hon’ble Prime minister. It bridges the gap between what people want and how to plan further for people. It is one of the best examples of Government of the People, By the People and For the People.

Highlights of Narendra Modi App

Let’s get to know the highlights of NaMo App: –

  • We can actively participate in any of the current issues. Our valuable suggestions or ideas to PM directly on any issue are always welcomed by PMO.
  • We can listen to the speeches and “Mann ki Baat”, anywhere and anytime.
  • “Mann ki Baat” available in many different languages.
  • We can read Narendra Modi’s Blog as well as his Biography.
  • Notifications ticks for latest news and updates.
  • We get the text messages and e-mails directly from PMO about important information.
  • We can earn Badges through our big or small contributions by suggestions and ideas.
  • The most prominent feature of this app is we can use it without submitting our email address and phone number.
  • We can read about Government achievements and initiatives.

Customer reviews

Parth Mavani   March 28, 2018
Great app !! It cannot be better than this, the specifications in the app are amazing. One can find every aspect of the life of PM. What initiative has been made or what are the future plans, you can compare and find what things are actually done or what sort of things are going in our country. I am not a Modi fan, but I stand for the truth and that is what I found in this application. There are only 2 permissions for using the app i .e access to photos and media files and SMS access.


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