Best 5 Free Running Games With Unlimited Fun

As we all know that the playing games on our smartphone are the best and cheapest way of entertainment and refreshment. The developers of online games have made a plenty of games for us. Among of them running games are my all time favorite as they make us more attentive. I was thinking of a very long time to discuss my favorite running games and finally, I am here to narrate the top 5 running games for maximum fun.

Running games are easy to play and you don’t need to have extra skills. You just play and become better with experience. Although these games are simple but addictive. When I play them I forget everything and just lost in its magic.

Top 5 Running Games For Limitless Fun

You know there are a variety of free running games but I want to suggest you the best ones on the behalf of my experience so I picked the 5 premier games. Take a look below to be aware of them:

Minion Rush: Despicable Me – Race With Minions

If you want to join minions for racing then you must go for it. Minion rush has the 860 million users around the world so it is considered one of the best free running games. This is a free to play the game and you have to run as fast as you can for beating minions. For completing various levels you have to jump, dodge to minions. In this fun packed game, you have to collect bananas for reaching missions and to enlarge your score.

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Moreover despicable me comes with different dares, various outfits, power-ups and much more. The most noticeable thing about this game is that it gives you a variety of maps for running and never repeat the old track which makes it more addictive.

Download free running game Minion Rush

Features of Minion Rush

  • Race with minions by wearing specific costumes like Lucy or ninja minions.
  • You will get iconic locations to race through which are inclined to Despicable me movies.
  • By riding on fluffy unicorn you can increase the potential of your minions.
  • Special missions allow you to find out new content and new outfits.

Temple Run 2 – Most Played running Game Ever

How can we forget Temple Run 2 when we are discussing the best running games as this game is known as the most played running games ever. Even my kids are addicted to this game. With million downloads temple run 2 delineated the android gaming. Temple run is considered as the first running games for android platform and still famous. Also, this game has introduced the 3 lane movement firstly.

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You will find amazing graphics, exciting characters, new atmosphere and plenty of power-ups. For escaping from ill-fated idols you have to navigate different lanes, mines, and forests. If you are a newbie then don’t take tension it is basically a median running game.

Latest Update of Temple Run 2

Features of Temple Run 2

  • Wonderful and eye-catching graphics
  • Organic atmosphere
  • New hurdles
  • Plenty of power-ups
  • More opportunities
  • Different characters with unique abilities
  • Larger monkey

 Subway Surfers – Best Running Game

Let’s talk about another option of the running game, subway surfers and you can assume its popularity by this factor that it has more than a billion downloads. It contains a specific art style. One of my favorite game ever and I have spent my several hours playing subway surfers.

There are three chief characters in subway surfers and you have to choose according to your choice. Although this is a free to play the game for more premium options you have to pay. This seems like other free running games as it offers 3 lane movement and hurdles to be avoided. The most amazing feature of this free running game is occasional trains which occur in your way while running and speed up the game.

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One noticeable drawback of this game is the scarcity of maps and you see the repetitive tracks again and again which make you bored.

Let’s start download free running game subway surfers and enjoy the endless running game.

Features of Subway Surfers

  • Graphics is full of colors
  • Universal app
  • You can chase and also help your close ones
  • You get the chance to grind trains

 Jetpack Joyride – Top Free Running Game

Another game which I included in the top 5 free running games is Jetpack Joyride. This game has 500 million downloads and is different from other running games. As you know all the running games offer you 3 lanes for running but in jetpack joyride, you will enjoy the flying experience in the 2D environment with the help of a jetpack.

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Variety of jetpacks available for flying and you have to choose with your taste. Levels make this game slightly addictive but as you clear levels and reach new ones then the game becomes more addictive. You have to act like the Indian superhero loaded with vehicles, jetpacks, and numerous gadgets. Your mission is to challenge comic villains with your jetpack.

Features of Jetpack Joyride

  • You will enjoy the different Indian costumes like PK, Singh is bling and doodhwala etc.
  • You can also choose your ideal vehicle from desi vehicles.
  • Plenty of Indian jetpacks like Dhamaka beer, lassi, guitar and many more.
  • Daily challenges allow you to win exciting prizes like T-shirts, Bluetooth speakers etc.
  • Enjoy the company of top Indian villains.

 Spider-Man Unlimited- Ultimate Creation of Marvel

Spider-Man unlimited is the creation of marvel and no one can deny its uniqueness so I include this in top 5 running game list. Usually, in all running games you run and run continuously but spiderman unlimited gives you a story based challenge.

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There are more than 200 characters and you are free to choose the ideal one for you. I bet after playing this game you will give it place in the collection of your favorite games. Initially, the story mode doesn’t look very poor. One more facility for your favor if you have become bored with the story mode, you can play this game like other running games.

Features of Spider-Man

  • First Spiderman running game
  • The game offers you the chance to combat the dimensional supervillains.
  • Regular episode adventure
  • You can run simply with unique gameplay
  • In this game, you will experience the marvel universe spanning
  • Composed by experienced writers of spider-man comic

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Finally, I am feeling lucky that I got the chance to share my experience with free running games. I included the best ones for you because I believe in quality. All the games have specific feature and adventures. Still, any query regarding these games then comment section is waiting for you and if you want to know about a particular game, ask us.