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TuTu App Fixed for Download & Install Issues of Pokemon Go

Tutuapp is a third party app store with some other features from China which has a huge number of active users due to the apps and the features or contents available in the application, it is an application with a lot of features and contents with it. The app was famous from the time of the release itself, but after the release of the Pokemon go application, the tutu app became more famous.

What Makes TutuApp Famous

This is because of the mods and the hacks available in the tutu app for the Pokemon go app. Pokemon go game had a huge success in the gaming market as it was a new type of a different concept and theme. In this game, you have to travel to the place around you and you need to collect the Pokemon out there. There are hacks like moving using the mock location without really moving and a lot more hacks using which you can make the game even more interesting.

Fake GPS Pokemon is one of the most popular application to change the location of your gameplay. Anyone who wants to just mock their location in Pokemon go they can simply use this application.

Downloading & Installation of Pokemon Go Hack

It is not a simple process to install the hack on your phone, one who revolves around the internet and tried out each and everything a person who stays long on the web can install the hack easily, but if you are a noob one who doesn’t know anything, then you will probably end up in some error, either in the downloading part or installation or configuration, don’t worry I have mentioned the solutions for all types of errors below.

If you are stuck in a dilemma where you don’t know which hack to download or from where to download, then follow the steps below.

The latest version of the hack is version 0.39.0 as per the time of this post, so open your tutu app and search for “Pokemon go hack version 0.39.0” and you will have all the options mentioned below, download the hack and install it, that’s it.

TutuApp For iOS Free Download

Here are some of the basic fixes for any type of the problem from tutu app. So, make sure that you try all the fixes and make the hack work.

  1. First of all, if the hack doesn’t work, then try re-downloading and reinstalling the hack, the next time it will work, in many cases, if still, you don’t get it done, then try next steps.
  2.  Head on to the app info and force stop the application, then click on manage space and then clear the cache first and then clear data and open the app again and try installing it again, it will work mostly.
  3. Try changing your network, even it may be a problem, so try putting your network in airplane mode and then switch it off and try again, if still the problem precedes, then try changing the network.


That’s it, after trying the above-mentioned steps, the app will mostly work, you can get the app for your latest iOS version. By following the above steps, you can be sure it is worth every penny. If it still makes problems, then comment the error below and we will try fixing it.

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