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Latest Fake GPS Joystick For Pokemon Go Game | GPS Reviews

Pokemon go is one of the best and revolutionary games when it comes to playing augmented reality games. It will provide you a perfect example of how far the world of technology has reached. This game will provide you the exact surroundings to the location you are standing.

It actually works as Google Map and it takes a virtual image of the location and the nearby important things that belong to that place. In this game only you have to walk and find out the Pokemon that are being shown on the map. You have to reach to that particular place yourself by walking and catch that Pokemon on your bag that will earn you a lot of points.

It is an online game and in it, you need to have a decent internet connection and the location of your device must be on while playing it. Pokemon go is developed for all the leading platforms such as Android and IOS. Now let us talk about Latest Fake GPS Joystick For Pokemon Go Game in this post.

  • Fly GPS Pokemon Go:

Fly GPS apk is very popular fake GPS and is the best location hacking app for Pokemon go to change the location by using an inbuilt joystick online. It will enable you to get amazing locations. It is free to download the application and very safe for your device. It works very smoothly with each version of Pokemon go. So you must go with this application in order to play Pokemon go from different locations.


It has a very good application since from its inception and people are loving this app around the globe. In my views, I am impressed by the working of this app as it enables us to play Pokemon go from any location in the world.

  • GPS Joystick:

GPS joystick allows people to change their location with overlay joystick control in Pokemon go game. So that the user can use different locations and catch Pokemon from places around the globe. Once the app is active on your device then you can select the location where you want to play this amazing game.


Everything about this app is fine and the fake location tool also works very impressively in this app. So, for now, you can use this app on your device and use it to choose any location in the world to catch Pokemon and earn points. I give this app a thumbs up for people who want to use it.

  • Fake GPS Joystick:

Fake GPS Pokemon is one of the most popular application to change the location of your gameplay. Anyone who wants to just mock their location in Pokemon go they can simply use this application. One of the most significant features of this app is location option flexibility. Which is a great one when it comes to fake GPS locator. GPS joystick fake GPS location is very reliable app that you can use.

Features of Fake GPS Joystick:

Fake GPS locator comes with some of the impressive features that make this app what it is today. So following are the features of this app.

  • With the help of this app, you choose the location manually by providing the longitude and latitude locations. You can also use the search option to find your particular location.
  • It will also enable you to find your location through your phones inbuild GPS system.
  • Another cool feature of this app is that you can get the last location of this your device.


If you go with the features that I have written above then it looks like to be one of the best apps for relocating your Pokemon go GPS. So as per my GPS Joystick Reviews, this app satisfies all the aspects that you want to have in an app that changes the location of Pokemon go.

How To Download Fake GPS Joystick App?

The fake GPS application is not a free application but not that much expensive that you cannot afford. You can get this app with an affordable price of $3.99. Fake GPS will not create any problem while relocating your current location. As you have seen above that you will get some additional features with this application.

It will also provide you updates and with a decent speed. There is a special feature of this app where you can play in the master mode and get special spoofing of the game. So to download this app go to the link provided below and install it from here.

Download Tutu app for Fake GPS Pokemon Go:

Tutu app is also an impressive application for changing the location of Pokemon go. Here in this app, you will be able to choose the location that you think is suitable for you to play with. All the specifications of this app are similar to other apps that I have mentioned above and you can use the search option find out the exact location where you want to play this game and catch Pokemon. So for that, you have to download this app from the link given below. There are also some settings that you have to look after before running this app successfully on your PC.

Download: Tutu App

  1. Set fake location manually by using either longitude & latitude coordinates, or you can use the search option to find your desired one.
  2. You can also select the last location through this app and then start playing through it.
  3. Use the last saved location where you closed the app.
  4. The user interface of this app is very easy to use as compared to other such apps.

Download: Pokemon Go Game

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So above in this post, I have shown you everything through which you can know which app is more suitable. I have also mentioned some of the important features and other things.  So without further to do use these apps and play Pokemon go easily. Keep in touch  for more updates regarding such type of apps.


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