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Women’s Rights and Social Media | Making the Changes | 2018 |

Women’s Rights and Social media is not just an influencer but also a trendsetter. I will tell you how. Even if you go back to 3 decades ago, the world was still compressed between press and broadcast. Now, fast forward to 2018, here we are marching forward with more reach than the world ever could imagine.

women's rights and social media

You will find that women are everywhere, in every industry, in every field. But, still, the stigma around safety is not addressed. This is where women’s rights and social media has become a trendsetter.

Social media and its tools have given the power of voices of the unheard women everywhere. You talk about Latin America, Asia or even the Middle East. More and more women are coming forward with their stories, their trials, and everything.

Let’s give the devil its due here, because of social media we know more about the abuses and we are not being desensitized with the lack of information. Women’s rights and social media have not just influenced victims to come forward; but also the garnered people to stand up.

Social Media Shaping How Women Voice Themselves

Women’s rights and social media is not something that comes and goes. Even if you look at the Women’s March in 2017, it garnished and brought out millions of women everywhere in the world. Whether it was New Delhi, San Paulo, Denmark, USA, etc. Women everywhere in the world connected in one cause and they came out and took the streets.

That is the tremendous power of how social influences the conversation of equality and rights. It does not matter anymore how many petty and insecure men troll feminists as ‘feminazis’ because women have risen above that and learned to use social media to combat those.

Social media is also responsible for bringing out more and more abuse stories and facts. Women who are vulnerable and can’t get the help of law enforcement have on and on taken to the social media to get their news out.

Even if you think about the 8-year-old girl who was raped in Pakistan. “Justice for Zainab” was social media platoon for justice. Forcing the Pakistani army, law enforcement, politicians, civilians to stand together and fight for the justice of that child.

Social media and over and over again managed to help women bring out the issues and have a healthy and positive discussion for solutions. If you want to give voice to your statement, you might need initial boosting and to give initial boosting, you could look forward to running your ads on social media, you may buy real active Instagram followers and so on.

4 Social Media Movements That Make a Difference for Women

# SheInspiresMe: Honoring International Mother’s Day

The inspiration behind this campaign is to bring about women from all cultures to harbor the support for each other. twitter launched this on international mother’s day. After all, how else do you start to talk about women, if not mothers?


This is a truly inspiring project especially for women in workplaces. Women are held back by many things flexibility, rights so so much. This campaign addresses to end the idea of bossy women.

I for one person am truly proud to be a bossy woman.


Activist Tarana Burke set the Me Too Movement in 2006 to highlight awareness about sexual assault among women of color. Fast forward to 2017, #MeToo turned in to a viral movement as actress Alyssa Milano tweeted this:

This jump-started more than 300 women in Hollywood to come forward with their sexual abuse and assault stories. Why just Hollywood? The Pakistani singer/actress Meesha Shafi also joined this powerful campaign with her allegations and stories against the famous actor/singer Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar has denied the allegation.

There is no denying that such a campaign has brought about a change in how women deal with sexual abuse. We are no longer afraid of the limelight, and we speak up. That’s the exact change we need.

and finally!



In 2017, over 500,000 women marched in the US capital D.C, and many more across the rest of the United States. Wait, women’s rights and social media influencers don’t end there. The estimated amount of women who marched globally for this campaign was 4.2 million.

I rest my case here.

In the end, social media is a platform that gives voices to the unheard, the untouched. And women have finally risen up against the tyranny of injustice and are using this influencer to the best of means to garner a safe space and more importantly, an even more equal world. Where gender is no longer a factor, but hard work is.

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