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Wait is Over! Pokemon GO Beyond is Coming Very Soon!

Pokemon Go’s big “Go Beyond” update will be arriving in December and going to offer some major changes to the mobile game.

Pokemon Go has received a steady stream of twists and updates since its bang debut in Summer 2016, but the game will get its first major branded update in the very next month.

Dubbed Go Beyond will be updated extensively on November 30, and it will introduce some significant changes in mobile games, including the first Gen 6 Pokemon, a high-level cap, season, and much more.

Pokemon go beyond

Kalos Pokémon is here!

Niantic previously teased that Kalos Pokemon was on its way to Pokemon Go, and the first Gen 6 monsters would come as part of the Go Beyond update.

Starting on December 2, players will be able to face X and Y starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie as well as the Gen 6 Pokemon (and their evolution) in the game, including Banelby, Fechchaling, and Litleo.

To match the return of the Generation 6 Pokémon, Niantic is holding a special event at the game in early December. Throughout the event, Gen 6 Pokémon will appear more often in the wild, effectively ensuring that everyone has a chance to catch them.

The event will close at 10 am local time on the 2nd of December and will run until 10 pm local time on the 8th of December.

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Increased level cap and leveling change

pokemon go beyond

As part of the Go Beyond update, Niantic is executing some major changes to the game’s leveling system. Since November 30, the studio has been easing the process of leveling up to over 40, catching and developing Pokémon, registering new Pokédex entries, laying out more XP for hatching, and other tasks.

Niantic says that the additional XP will be “twice as high as it was before”. In some instances, making it easier for lower-level players to get a grip.

Everyone, who reaches the level of 40 by the end of the year, will have the distinction of being a Legacy 40 Trainer.

With this accolade, they will receive some awards, including a Legacy 40 medal and access to exclusive timed research that will offer their awards, including the Gyrados trainer cap for his avatar.

You have until 11:59 pm local time on December 31 to earn the Local 40 award. To make it simpler to hit that turning point, Niantic is offering a Double Catch XP bonus from now on for the rest of the year.

At the top, Niantic is beating the Pokemon Go player level cap from 40 to 50. However, for these high-level players, the leveling process will work a little differently. In addition to earning enough XP, players must complete new level-up research challenges to raise their level above 40;

For example, by level 41, players will need to catch more Pokémon in one day and complete other tasks. Each successive level will also require the same challenge.

Levels from Level 40-50 are light-themed & his description of Niantic is as follows:

go beyond

Level 41: Catching Quests

Level 42: Evolution Quests

Level 43: Gym, Raid, and Medal Quests

Level 44: Trainer Battle Quests

Level 45: Team Go Rocket Battle Question

Level 46: Field Research, Egg Hatching, and Go Snapshot Quest

Level 47: Harder Battle quests

Level 48: Big Pokémon Quests

Level 49: Trainer Friendship Quests

Level 50: General Mastery Quests

Players are not the only ones receiving cap growth; Niantic is making it possible to power Pokemon even more than before. The studio is initiated a new type of candy called Candy XL, which will give you a Pokémon CP boost as originally possible.

Niantic says that you can get Candy XL either by catching Pokemon or regularly converting candy.

Seasons (Winter or Summer) | Pokemon Go Beyond Latest Update

Another new feature coming as part of the Pokemon Go Beyond update is Seasons. A new season will begin every 3 months in the game and everyone will begin some major changes.

For instance, the types of Pokémon that occur in the wild will vary by season. Different Pokémon will also appear during a season, depending on your hemisphere; for example, players in the Northern Hemisphere will clash with Wintry Pokémon during the first season of the game, while those in the Southern Hemisphere will encounter summer-themed Pokémon such as Burmese and Darumaka.

Go beyond

Naturally, the season Pokémon Deerling will also join this new feature. You will be able to find a different dealing form in the game each season. Niantic also says that events around the season will be noticed and that different mega-evoked Pokémon will appear in the Mega Rides depending on the season.

12 days of friendship

Following the update of Go Beyond, Niantic is hosting a 12-day friendship at Pokemon Go starting on November 18. During the entire event, your level of friendship with another player will increase by a lot more than during gifts, merchandise, or battles. Raids and Jim together.

Additionally, you will get an attack boost when you fight in a raid along with a friend and at the same time increase XP to complete the fight, and each day you can unlock goodies. The number has been increased. The 12 Days of Friendship event runs from 1 pm on 30 November.

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Is Pokémon Go now excluded from the name Pokémon Go?

Despite the general Pokémon naming trend to rename Pokémon Masters as Pokémon Masters after several major updates. Or Niantic’s Ingress was renamed after a few years on the Ingress Prime market.

Pokémon Go Beyond is seemingly just a title. Pokémon Go will still be known as Pokémon Go, POGO, and all the other aliases you’ve created over the years.

Go beyond

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Pokemon Go Beyond

  1. How long Pokemon Go last?

Basically, it depends upon a better marketing, gameplay, funding, steady player base, innovation, and interest. So, till Pokemon Go/Noantic keep innovating and updating in innovative ways, the game can last for even more than 20 years.

  1. Does Pokemon Go use a lot of data?

No, rather it consumes data up to 20-25Mb per hour.

  1. How do I fix Pokemon go if it is not working properly?

To make it fix, talk to the customer care executives or else you can see the guide on the internet as well as per your specific problems.

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