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Pokemon go news December 2018 (Pokemon Go updates)

Are you a gaming freak? Do you love to play location-based games? If you are then you must be the fan of Pokemon go, the world’s initial augmented reality game to become the choice of everyone. Since it has released there are continuous updates which have made it one of the addictive game for the game lovers. Millions of players are sticking with this amazing game and roaming via the streets to search and catch Pokemon. The developers of the Pokemon game are going to find out the ways to make it the first choice of the players with their updates. If you want to know what is the recent update of Pokemon go then you are in exact place and here is my Pokemon Go news, I will tell you what are the December updates and about the newly added features for a great experience.

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Pokemon Go News December 2018
Pokemon go news December 2018 (Pokemon Go updates)

Pokemon Go News December 2018

I think you are really curious to know what is the latest announcement for the Pokemon go? To fulfill your expectations some hilarious features has been added to the game and it’s time to end up your curiosity and here is our guide which will give you a clear understanding of the recent updates.

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Latest Pokemon Go updates

Pokemon go is one of the unique apps which allows players to catch nearby pokemon with the Pokeball. One of the latest features which have attached recently is the Trainer Battles which is also known as Player versus player mode. This mode enables you to participate in real-time battles with other players.

You have to make a custom party of three pokemon to battle in the trainer battles. With this, you can challenge other players and trainers in real-time battles.

You can use Battle code invitation to invite the nearby players to participate in the friendly trainer battles. Trainer battle also comes with a new charge attack for your pokemon and a brawny shield to protect against powerful attacks. After completing the trainer battles both the players will get attractive prizes and also get the opportunity to get the rare evolution items.

Another awaited update which I want to share in my Pokemon go news is the ability to trade within the Pokemon go app. You can trade sought after pokemon with this feature. But this feature only for the most active players who are between 30 to 40 levels so you have to put your extra hours in Pokemon Go to be the trader.

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Pokemon Go holiday event is knocking at the door

It is the third annual event Pokemon Go event which is going to happen next week. You can double your enjoyment during this event. It will start on 18 December and will finish on Jan 2, 2019. You will get amazing prizes and also special pokemon will arrive. Players will also grab numerous bonuses throughout the event. The plan is given below:

  • Dec. 18-22: Double candy when grasping or referring
  • Dec. 22-26: Double stardust when snatching
  • Dec. 26-30: Double experience when catching
  • Dec. 30-Jan. 2: Incubators that are “twice as effective”

You will get Pikachu for a limited period of time. Azurill and Smoochum are the baby pokemon which will found in the eggs during the event. Lots more new pokemon well be presented so guys be ready to double your experience.

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