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Did You Notice Some Pokemon Are Missing | Pokemon Go Game

Hey guys! I think everyone plays this Pokemon game on your device. How is it, guys! I am totally addicted to this game. But in this game, I did not find some Pokemon. Do you see that some Pokemon are missing till know? If you want to know that which Pokemon are missing on the Pokemon Go game then this is the right page you arrived.

The Mew was added to this game as the part of 1st ‘Special Research Quest’, and it means that the players of this game could finally be finished their ‘Kanto zone Pokedex’. However, at this time it is presently impossible for everyone to the complete their Hoenn or Johto Pokedex, as here of this game has still not available some Pokemon.

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Here in this article below, I will write some Pokemon that they are missing on the Pokemon Go Game.

Generation  2- Johto Region:

Generation 2 is missing some Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game. 1st I tell that Smeargle, Pokedex 235 pokemon. It is the normal type of the Pokemon. Its move is the ‘sketch’, which allows it to the attack by its rival. These pokemon learn to all type of the move in this game. Its unique move is the sketch but I don’t know why they do not add this pokemon on this game.

The 2nd one is Celebi, Pokedex 251. It is also not available in this game. It is the mythical pokemon, it is likely that it’ll only avail as the part of the ”Special Research Quest’ but it is just guessed at this time.

Generation 3- Hoenn Region:

Here in this game, you do not see some generation 3 pokemon. This includes Nincada, Shedninja, and Ninjask. The likely logic why Ninjask, Shedninja, and Nicada have yet to cause it to the game is proper to the Shedninja’s ability, and it makes zero damage effect unless the special move is used against these pokemon.

Spinda Pokedex 327 also has still to add to the Pokemon GO. Unlike the most of the another pokemon listed in this game, but there is not mythical or rare ability status consistency Spinda from existence in the game. This pokemon gimmick of having different markings, with a greatly low chance of the player having one that glances alike to other, is probably keeping it from existence add to the Pokemon Go.

Kecleon Pokedex 352 is not in the game because most of the time these are invisible and it has one of the best ability that it has color changeability. I love this pokemon because of this amazing ability.

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Above are all pokemon are missing in the pokemon Go game. If the developers want to add this all pokemon then this game is much loveable of every player. If you have any information to know then you can go to our website comment section, do not be hesitated just ask we the question, we will answer you shortly. If you like this article then please share this with your friends, family, and loved once.

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