Dragon Nest F.A.Q | 2018 | Know It All

Dragon Nest is recent in a string of Action-MMORPGs to immigrate from South Korea. The developer Eyedentity Games is behind all the great titles.

Dragon Nest is a state of the art action game; with solid controls, meaningful combats, collective interactions have put this action game on the map for gamers.

If you set aside the minor matchmaking issues, the gear gaps, and the infrequent PvP scenario, Dragon Nest meets a gamers highest standards.

Its combat is a deeply rewarding thing for gamers like you and throws you in the face of some fun encounters. They really put hard work into every character build up and dialogues.

If you’re getting your absolute fill in the free-to-play ocean, Dragon Nest is the exact place for you to be.

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Dragon Nest- List of Classes

  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Sorceress
  • Cleric
  • Academic
  • Kali
  • Assassin
  • Lancea
  • Machina

You would have to really understand that there are subclasses under all these classes.

The Best Class in Dragon Nest-

The Warrior is an expert in physical combat. Confident and swift, the Warrior depends on a speedy melee combos.

The Warrior comes from Ironwood Forest and as the legend goes his mother had brought him to town under very mysterious settings.

Warrior’s journey is of self-discovery and at a very early age, he knew his skills superseded his peers. Making this his strength he has nurtured a very strong personality in combat.

For a noncharacter, this is an excellent class, to begin with.

The Worst Class in Dragon Nest-

The Raven is a subsidiary class of chaser. He camouflages all his weapons and you just never know when he will take a weapon out on his enemies. Making it a very unpredictable class.

You will find that Chaser is under the Assassin class.

But, at level 45 The Raven can go ahead of the Chaser. But, by popular gaming opinions, this is one of the weakest classes.

The Best Class for Solo-

Going solo on your first run with Dragon nest is not easy. And solo means you need extremely good gear. Because the most time you spend there meaning you risk your character dying.

Almost all classes are good for solo if you have good gear. But below I have put together the classes that suit best for your first time.

The Gladiator – Finishing attack is amazing.

The Sniper – This has a vast amount of gears to help you through.

The Windwalker/Tempest – If you know what you are doing, you won’t get hit here.

The Gearmaster – Let your minions do the damage.

The Shooting Star – A robot butler to use your skills better.

The Raven/Ripper – With high damage it is easy to get your gears here.

Follow the class guides for a more clear idea on which will suit you best for your solo trip to Dragon Nest. I would suggest avoiding all the std/int classes. As they are not just harder to gear but also harder to play.

I think I have tried my best to answer the internet’s most asked questions on Dragon Nest. If I have missed out any crucial info, feel free to let me know in comments.

Till then play Dragon Nest and Prosper!