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Stranger Things Hidden Features And Reviews

The Stanger Things is a wonderful game for mobile phones that was developed by BonusXP Inc. The Stranger Things is compatible with both iOS and Android-based devices. It was first released in the year 2017 but thereafter considering its popularity several versions of this game has been released. The game is one of the most adventurous games that you can find in mobile games. It has two playing modes: Normal Mode and Classic Mode.  

Stranger Things Game Features

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Control the Game like a pro

The game is specially built for the touchscreen mobile devices. In this game, you have to tap anywhere on the screen to start moving as well as interacting with the various scenario. You can attack your enemy just by tapping your mobile screen. Apart from that, you will also have a button towards the right side of your screen. The button will help you switch between characters of the game as well it helps to access the inventory.

The gameplay of Stranger things is adventurous

The Stranger Things is a very exciting adventurous game. When you will start the game you will get the option to play as Hopper, who is a chief of the Police in Hawkins. While you will progress with the game you will get the opportunity to rescue all new players, who will join your ranks to help you in the attack on your enemies. The name of these new players who will join your rank are Lucas, Mike, Will, Nancy, Eleven, Max, Dustin and many other players are available whom you can recruit in your team.

Each of these players has their own specialties and they can attack the enemies separately with all their power and skills. Thus they help you to win the game. The more you will progress, the more you will get the opportunity to increase the number of players on your team.

The plot of the game – Stranger Things

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In this game, Hopper who is a chief of the Police in Hawkins gets a call about the missing of a boy along with his friends. Hopper then goes to search for the missing boy along with Lucas. Both of them go to the upside down where they found Nancy and she told that Mike is at Hawkins Middle school. Then Mike gets a call from another police officer Will who is in the sewer. In order to enter the sewer, they require dynamite. Once they got inside they found those missing boys who tell Hopper that Dustin might be there in the Library and thus through the boys are escaped, the investigation still continues. And as such the game goes on.   

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The Stranger things Reviews

The Strange Things is a top-notch game without any string attached

“Even though this is one big promotional release, it’s Stranger Things, and it’s a top-notch free game that has no strings attached, which is rare these days. The graphics are amazing and smooth. The eerie chiptune soundtrack is fun to listen to, and the sound effects make you feel like you’re watching the show. The game lasts for about 10 hours, and each character has their part to play when it comes to solving the puzzles. For the truly dedicated fans, a secret trailer for Stranger Things 2 awaits you if you complete enough puzzles.”, says AppAdvice.

The Game is Fun but oldie

“Yes it is fun, but it just seemed like the same old thing over and over after each mission like they didn’t do a good job changing the levels much. The characters are sweet but I was excited to play as Jonathan and yet he isn’t even a playable character, hell I also wanted Steve and Joyce as a playable too, it just sorta ruined the game for me.”, reviews MyNameIsTristan.

A very good game for iOS users

“Its just worst. I don’t like it. Its so crap to use and nothing else. Overall a really great game for iOS. It’s very rare to find a game where free-to-play actually means that you’re getting the game for free. This is especially true for mobile devices.”, critically reviews TheCriticReview.

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Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Stranger Things is one of the best adventurous Android games that you have ever found as any mobile games. The Stranger Things are basically based on many popular TV shows and as such it attracts more and more users.


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