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Everything You Need To Know About Mini Militia

Mini-Militia is a 2-Dimensional shooter game developed by Appsomniacs LLC. The game popularity can be analyzed by seeing a huge number of downloads that is 5 crore till date. As the name indicates it is an action game. Can be played online with players up to 6 together you have to accomplish the mission. The game is first made for iOS only but later on, made available on Android as well.

You can say that that Mini Militia is an intense combat game. In which up to 6 players can play together in order to complete the mission. To develop the team skills you can practice in training sessions available on the game. Game feature Cooperative GamePlay together with various Survival modes. This refreshes old memories of shooting games as the same concept is used in the game. But this time it is something different and appealing. After knowing all this information you are dying to download the game. But first, let’s understand some important features of this game.

mini militia

Salient Features

The features of Mini Militia are as follows:

  • 7X Zoom– Now you can also use the power of 7x. Without using any Sniper gun you can use 7x zoom in with all the weapons.
  • Mega Killer Mode– By using this mode, you can kill the enemies just like the mortal combat with different features.
  • Speed Health Regeneration– This helps you to recover health fast. As faster as 5x speed. I bet you cannot do it without using this feature.
  • Commander In chief– This is an authority post that you can get by earning a lot of respect from each character of the game. Try to get into this position as you can control your rank from high to low or bottom to top.
  • Unlimited Ammo– You can use this feature to fire unlimited ammo at your opponents. So, now, you don’t have to worry about changing guns.
  • Respawn- Generally, it takes a longer time to get a new life but by using Respawn feature, Time to get a new life has reduced effectively.
  • Online mode– By using this mode you can easily battle with anyone on the go. You must have a good internet connection.
  • Free Battle Points– The game features Free Battle Points So, No worries for getting new things from the store.
  • Free To Play– Mini-Militia is a free to play the game. However, if you want to unlock advanced features than purchase a pro pack of this game. Otherwise, you will have to play this game with some limitations.
  • Graphics– The game consist of great graphics makes it more entertaining to play and enjoy the game.

The Gameplay   

The Game features 3 types of modes that are mentioned below:


In training mode, The game starts at Officer Candidate School where you have to complete your training by a trainer named Sarge. The training is fun and gives us much information and new skills. After successful completion of training, you can operate the weapons with basic fighting moves as well.

Survival Mode  

In this mode Sarge the trainer takes you to the Battlefield. There you have to defend yourself by using your training skills. The bonus is you can take the help of Sarge as well.

Multiplayer Mode

You can play the game on the multiplayer mode by using the Internet or Wifi. You can play the base game which supports the 12 player or the online one which supports the 6 players only. The Multiplayer mode is similar to Survival Mode but with much more add on effects like a huge variety of weapons, Maps, Gamemodes. To buy more weapons you can use cards to get new weapons.

Application Information

  • Application Name – Mini Militia
  • Version – 4.0.1
  • Developed By – Apsomanic LLC
  • Application Size – 46.13 Mb

The Download Procedure of Mini Militia

For Android

  • Download Mini Militia game from the link given below or search it in Google Play store.
  • After installation is completed open the app.
  • Fill the required details.
  • All set to enjoy the Legendary game Mini Militia.

For Pc

  • Get an Android Emulator for your Pc if you don’t have one.
  • Download a Mini Militia apk file.
  • Drag it to Android Emulator and drop it in.
  • Install the game by using an emulator.
  • Open the game and enjoy the fun.


I hope you like the article and find it informative. Loved the article must refer this content to your friends and family members. As my personal experience Mini Militia is a must play the game.  It is a fun 2D action game comes up with easy to play controls. You can also try the modified version of the game which contains unique and exciting features.

After purchasing the premium version, the entire game gets unlocked and gives you the freedom to play this game as per your convenience.  Do not forget to share your experience with the game. Finding any difficulty with the game or in the content mention it in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to answer your questions in our upcoming blogs.

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