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Guilty Gear – Strive | Release Date | Story| Characters & Trailer

Playing Guilty gear since childhood? Waiting for it’s next version to come up? You are at a right place my friend! The developers of guilty gear-Strive has been hinting since long time about the game but there was nothing officially announced.

Now it is officially confirmed at Evo 2019 that Guilty gear- Strive will be out in the upcoming year.

A game which is developed by Arc system works and published by Arc and BANDAI NAMCO have been attracting a lot of players since its first series of Guilty Gear which was released in May 14, 1998. Because of the fighting nature of the game it attracted a lot of people around the globe.

And that’s the reason why you are here my friend!

When will Guilty Gear Release?

The official trailer which is release by Arc system works on YouTube confirmed the launching of Guilty gear-Strive in 2021. Now you might be wondering of the date, so don’t worry they have released the date of April 6 and 9. The deluxe edition and Ultimate edition will be available on April 6 and on April 9 respectively and will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and steam.

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Is there any storyline for this series?

Many people who plays this game are not aware of the story of this series. Also some people be like “Ohh! There is story behind it, I didn’t know”

It is important for you to know that the guilty gear series has a great storyline and if you are someone who loves anime then you can visit to there official YouTube channel and watch The Guilty Gear Xrd story mode so that you can be caught up and ready for the plot of the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive.

In addition to this, let me tell you something the guilty gear world is nothing like our world and it is just like our world. This is confusing? Wait for the game you’ll get everything.

So, let me take you the time from where it all started.

Flashback – The story start from the backyard, as this is the place where all the mess started. 3 intelligent scientists named Frederick Bulsara, Aria Hale, That Man. No, no his name is not “That man” it is called so in the game.

It was later revealed in the story that his name is Asuka R. Kruez. So, the three scientists, who always curious about Magic, thought “How can we make the Magic better than before? What if people have magic in their blood and vein?”



Thinking of this, they have done lot of Genetic changes and called it the genetically changes as Gear cells and the human which have this cell as Gear.

They were doing it because of the medical purpose so that they can cure many diseases which are incurable in today’s note But things were not that easy as you thought. At the same time, the Government don’t want this thing to happen. So eventually they uses there experiment to use for war.

  • Frederick and Aria turning into gear- On the other hand, Aria got a disease which was rare and incurable. She was soon going to die. Frederick, who was her boyfriend try to to spend as much time as possible with her. But Asuka was not happy to see this all. So he turns them as gear and make them immortals.
  • Fredrick turns into a monster and destroy all the gear research. Afraid of what he had done, he went into hiding. Due to this he creates a magitech headband to control his power and with the help of it he looks like a normal human being but at the same time he possess all his superpower.
  • Restarting the gear project –After a while the gear project starts again, the only problem was the gear can go monster and destroy everything around them. That’s why aria is converted into Justice. She was the first mass command gear that can control all other gears. Now whoever wants to control gear should control the Justice i.e. Aria. This sounds like a bad idea, isn’t it?  
  •  Entry of Evil –

The gears are now being transported around the world for their better use. It seems everything is going right? No, In the meantime someone is doing their best to destroy every gear and every gear research facility in existence. This is done by none other than “Sol the Badguy.” who is an unbelievably powerful terrorist.

For your information, his name is Freddy. Also called Fred, who popularly known as Sol Badguy. In time he invents a anti-gear which he called the Outrage. But the power of the weapon is so strong which is not in anyone’s control. Under those circumstances he split the weapon into smaller weapons known as the Eight Sacred Treasures.

Remember when I said that giving Justice all the powers yo control gear was a bad idea?

Later in the story, the badguy activates Justice and she goes berserk and wipes out Japan.

*Spoiler Alert*

But it was later revealed in the story that this was happen due to the Universal Will was trying to come into existence again so Asuka ordered her to blow it up just to be safe.

Guilty Gear Characters

1. Sol Badguy

Talking about the main protagonist of the Guilty Gear and rival of Ky Kiske. Man of few words with a blunt and short tempered attitude. The popular character of Guilty gear is the man who made supreme Anti gear weapon. As the weapon was too Powerful he divided them equally into eight parts and called them ‘Scared weapons’. He is not good in explaining things so he just so his aggression to express.

2. Ky Kiske

The deuteragonist of the Guilty Gear and rival of Sol Badguy. A serious and kind hearted man who dedicates himself to his work, morals and the people who are less fortunate. His love for Justice and help all the needy person us the prime moto of his life.

3. May

A recurring character with a cute look and fearless attitude. First mate of the Jelly Pirates and truly dedicated to Johnny, her captain who raised her after she was orphaned.

4. Axl Low

A young gang leader from the 20th century with the ability to manipulate time. A typical optimist who just goes with the flow. He could never see somebody in trouble.

5. Chipp Zanuff

President of the Eastern Kingdom. A short tempered and rude personality who is trying to learn some social skills as he is getting into politics.

6. Potemkin

A soldier from the Independent Airborne State of Zapp who can turn the match around with his powerful grabs. A proud man with a loyal heart.

7. Faust

An underground doctor, with unclear past and identity. A man with a caring and kind heart who misleads his opponents with tricky moves

8. Millia Rage

Another fictional character, she Master of the forbidden art that turns her hair into a weapon, blink and you are dead. She is a former member of Assassin’s Guild.

9. Zato=1

Former leader of the Assassin’s Guild, revived after experiencing death once. A calm and thoughtful person turned into emotionless personality after all he went through. He sacrifice his eyesight and by doing this he became host to the Forbidden Beast Eddie and gained the ability to fight with his shadow.

10. Ramlethal Valentine

With the objective to destroy humanity, a soldier who controls the mid range with her two deadly swords. We have witnessed him first in the non-playable boss character in the arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN. He is the servant of Universal Will and older sister of Elphelt.

11. Leo Whitefang

The second king of The United Kingdom Of Illyria. Born during the Crusades, he was gifted fighter.

A arrogant and wild person with a whole different side which has surprisingly cautious personality.

12. Nagoriyuki

A noble vampire samurai with supernatural vampire abilities which complement his substantial frame and outstanding fighting skills.

13. Giovanna

The latest new character of Guilty gear-Strive.

A super soldier in the special operations unit that protects the President of The United States. She is rude but friendly with children and animals. Her acrobatic skills and martial arts in tandem with the wolf spirit to deliver quick, powerful attacks for the opponent.

She possess a wolf spirit called as “Rei”. Her introduction to us was made forward through a official trailer on YouTube.

The latest trailer reveals that there will be 2 more player on the list and the total of 15 player in the game. We don’t know the name yet. But I am definitely sure they will be interesting as hell!

Can you guess? Let us know in a comment section…

Till the time, enjoy this official trailer

If is there anything we have missed out, let us know in a comment section.

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